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The Niji Legacy 1.1

Hi, pohtaytohs here!  This is my first published legacy (as you can probably tell from my horrendous camera skills), and I decided I wanted it to be rainbow.  Yeah, it's not one of the Viking Death Squad legacys that everybody's been doing (well, duh, I'm not using the same founder), just plain ol' rainbow, because I'm too much of a n00b to follow all those rules and do all those challenges and things.  So, without any more crappy introductions, on with the show!

So, this is the Nijis' founder, Kii Niji.  As you might have already known, "niji" means rainbow in Japanese, and the name Kii is a take off the Japanese word for yellow, which is "kiiro".  Hmm, that's weird...for some reason he seems a little reluctant to do this.

Kii: Uh, yeah, about that... there seems to be something wrong with my yard.

Huh?  What are you talking about?

...Oh, right.  Yeah, I just HAD to pick the hilliest neighborhood that Maxis had.  I ran out of flat lots early on, so I had to level this place and... well, here we are.  Look, the lot's perfectly fine, I assure you, Kii.  It just LOOKS like crap.

Kii: Uh huh... I'm not so sure about this.

Oh, come on.  It'll be fine.

Here are Kii's stats, by the way:

Grilled Cheese


Cologne, Blonde Hair/ Swimwear

While Kii's back was turned, I built him this, uh, amazing house...with no windows, since I ran out of money.  Yeah, my house-building skills are quite similar to my camera skills...except they're probably even WORSE.

Kii:  *looks up and sees he has earned aspiration points*  Oh, would you look at that.  Guess my life's gonna go well after all.

Dead baby in the corner: Guess again...

Kii: Ugh, never mind.  Seriously, this was the best you could do?  All the yellows are clashing and I have barely any furniture.  *contorts self in disappointment*  Also, I feel a bad omen about this place, y'know?

Oh, shut up.  (This picture also serves as the beginning of my previously mentioned camera "skills".)

...He might've been right about the bad omen thing.  The second he walked through the door it started to storm.  Also, Kii, honey?  You might wanna close that door... Just sayin'.

Gotta get some cooking points to make all those grilled cheeses, right?  And you know, Kii, the whole REASON I put the TV next to those chairs over there was so that you wouldn't have to stand...

Kii: Nah, I'm fine.  I'm gonna make such good grilled cheeses I'm gonna attract all the LAYDEEZ!  *pelvic thrusts*


I seriously think he'd be content to dance by himself in front of the TV for the rest of his life.  Too bad this is a legacy and he actually has to, y'know, MEET people.

Woo!  Time to finally make your first grilled cheese, Kii!

Kii: ...The bread's all soggy.

It shouldn't be.  I mean, I DID put a roof on your house, no matter how much it looks like it's raining in there.

Yay!  You're about to take your first bite!  Oh, the excitement!!!

...Well, that wasn't a very exciting first bite.  Why aren't you melting in pleasure, you fail of a Grilled Cheese sim?

Ah, there we go.

Since along with my FANTASTIC house-building skills and FANTASTIC picture-taking skills I also have FANTASTIC budgeting skills, I left Kii with §10.  I put him in the Adventurer career, but that'll change pretty soon.  He doesn't really seem like the "adventurer" type, anyway.


Wow, people must really hate you, Kii.  Only half a sim day and already someone's knocked your trash can over.

Kii: Ugh, do I have to go downtown?

Yup, sorry.  We gotta start the long search for someone who's willing to touch you sometime, don't we?  (Also, you know how I ran out of money for windows?  Well, I ran out of money for lights, too.  Whoops.)

That's right!  SCOPE that room, because it's time for the Not So Epic Mate Hunt!

...Seriously?  But she's blonde.  I thought you liked blondes.

Oh, I see.  You just wanna make things easier for me by having orange hair for the next generation, don'tcha?  ;]

Although if you go up to her looking like THAT, I don't think your chances with her are very good.

Suzie the waitress: What's wrong with his-- never mind, I don't really wanna know.  *leaves*

Damn.  He thought she was SO hot, apparently, that he just stood there like that until I forced an error on him.

Gotta send him somewhere else, because almost everyone here was either playable or a pixel_trade sim.

Kii: Do I have to go somewhere else?  It just freaks me out being around people I don't know...

...I swear, I'm never gonna make a shy sim again.

Woo!  Time for The Not So Epic Mate Hunt, try #2!

Kii: UGH, I do not find this man attractive.  Fuck you for even asking.  >X[

Since there still weren't very many eligible sims on this lot, I decided to have Kii try his luck with Suzie the waitress by talking to her about grilled cheese.

Kii: *is unenthusiastic*  So yeah, some unknown being is forcing me to talk to you about grilled cheese.  *sighs* ...Wanna talk about grilled cheese?

Suzie the waitress: Uh, no, I'm kinda working right now.  ...Hey, aren't you that guy who was having a seizure or something earlier?

Kii: *yawns*  Huh?  Oh, sorry, I wasn't paying attention; I was too distracted with the fact that I'm BORED WITH MY GRILLED CHEESE-FILLED LIFE.

Fine, I can take a hint.  You're a Pleasure sim now.  Hope you wanna reach the top of the Gamer career.

Ghost fading away in the background: Good luck with your new life purpose, Kii!  =D

Ooh, look, he's blonde!  And pretty good-looking too, since he's a Remington-face.  What do you think of him, Kii?

Kii: GOD NO.  >X[

Alright, alright, I get it; you're straight.  I won't make you check any more dudes out, I promise.

Since the Not So Epic Mate Hunt try #2 failed too, I decided to just send him home.  But not, of course, before he got to DANCE!  I was happy that he was having fun until I saw that bartender in the background over there.

Lauren the bartender: That ASS!  THAT GLORIOUS ASS!  I would so tap that if I wasn't on my shift!  *keeps nonchalant expression that doesn't fool me because I totally saw where she was looking earlier*

Dead baby in the corner, downtown edition: You go, girl!  You could SO tap that!

Uh, she so couldn't considering Kii doesn't even find her attractive, but whatever.

Kii: Whee!  This is so much fun!  I LOVE being a Pleasure sim!!  =D

Awww, you're actually sorta adorable when you're not bitching at me.

So, uh, loooong story about this picture.  When I first got my default face template replacements, I SORT OF went on an ugly-townie-killing spree.  I kind of just left the urns at community lots after I was done in case any of my sims ever needed quick cash.  Yup, Kii now officially has §450 instead of §10!  I'm glad all those ugly townies helped for SOMETHING...

Since both versions of the Not So Epic Mate Hunt completely failed, I caved in and had Kii call the matchmaker now that he at least had some money because of those gravestones.

Hey, she's actually pretty cute.  What do you think, Kii?

Kii: DAMN, she is fiiiiiine!

Kathleen the matchmaker: Huh?

Kathleen the matchmaker: Huh?!?!  What the hell is happening to me?!

Dead baby in the corner: Ewww, she's getting her sparkles all over me!

Heh heh heh....I'm such a cheater.  This way I don't even have to pay for a blind date.

Well, of course I aged her down!  I wasn't gonna let that opportunity pass me by!

Kathleen (who is just plain ol' "Kathleen" now): Oh, how wonderful it feels to be young again!  Straight spine, smooth skin, non-saggy breasts--

Kii: Yeah, okay, I'm leaving now.

Dead baby in the corner: Don't listen to him, girl!  CELEBRATE your non-saggy tits!

I wasn't quite sure what her biological hair color was, so I just made her blonde to make things easier.  ;]  I gotta say, you're quite pretty, Kathleen!  Kii sure knows how to pick 'em!

Kathleen: Why thank you.

You are very welcome.  ...Now get out.  Kii's gotta go to his first day of work in the morning.

Kii: Aww, can't she stay?

No.  Now get into bed before you realize you have roaches.

Kii: ...What roaches?

Those roaches.  I didn't really think this would happen after only a DAY of having your trash can knocked over.

Well, let's fast-forward to the next morning.  Here's Kii's first carpool...but where's Kii?

Hey, you in the briefs!  Get your ass outside!

Kii: Shh, this is my creative time.

Like hell it is.

Don't worry; he eventually managed to drag himself to his carpool.  Once he got back from work all his needs were pretty low, so I figured he should have his first date with Kathleen.  What can I say?  Those need boosts are really convenient.

Kii: You know, babe, you're pretty sexy!  *ahem*  ...Even though your ass looks absolutely horrible in those pants.

Kathleen: Heyyy, you're pretty sexy yourself!

...This is too, too easy.

Kii: Hee hee...really?

Kathleen: Oh, of course!

Kii: Oh, you're so sweet!  HUGS!

Awww, this is so cute!  I like her, Kii!

...Wait, what's this?

Kathleen: Heh, he's all mine now, bitch.

What the hell?!  Forget what I just said, Kii!  I don't like her anymore!  This chick is crazy!

Kii: *purposely ignores me*

Kii: And so that bitch just totally slapped me across the face and screamed, "There is no way in HELL that I would EVER talk to you about grilled cheese!"

Kathleen: OMG, no way!

Kii: Yeah!  I was so traumatized that I became a Pleasure sim after that...

Kii, that's not how it happened and you know it.

Wait, no!  Don't kiss her!  She's INSANE!

Crap, too late.  Dammit, she's HOOKED now.

Kathleen: *grabs Kii and stares wildly into his eyes*  YOU ARE ALL MINE.  AND IF YOU EVER LEAVE ME, I'LL MURDER YOU.  UNDERSTAND?

Kii: *has some weird voodoo shit performed on him causing part of his head disappear*  ...Uh, okay, Kathleen, baby.

Kathleen: Good.

C'mon, Kii, just give her up!  She's gonna kill you!  I mean, she started a game of catch in the SNOW with you, for chrissakes.

I decided to try and get Kathleen to despise him so he wouldn't have her crazy ass hanging around anymore.  Thank god for the Ventrilo-Fart!

Kii: Teehee.  I farted.  =3

Kathleen: Yes, baby.  You most certainly did.

Well, that definitely backfired.

Kii: WOO!  *starts a victory chant*  I've got myself a LAYDAAAAY....

Get in the house, Kii.  You're not paying very much attention to said laydaaaay, you know.

Oh, fine, I give up on tearing you two apart.  You're just too CUTE together.


Kii: Well, if that's the case, then I'm in love.

Kathleen: Me too.

Kii: Sweet.  So can I marry her now?

Kathleen: Uhhh, was that a proposal?

Sure, why not.

Good LORD, matchmakers must earn a lot of money....Kathleen brought §13,000 into the household!!!  I guess it seems fitting that she's a fortune sim, then.  Too bad I have no intention of fulfilling her LTW of having 5 top-level businesses.

Well, they've been married for two seconds now, so let's try for some babies!

Kii: That was WONDERFUL...  *goes platinum*

Kathleen: That was...okay.  *baby chimes*

BLUE PANTIES?!?!  Oh no, this won't do!

Kathleen: Why not?  What's wrong with blue panties?  *smiles innocently*

Psh, I'm not falling for that.  Here, now you have a golden butterfly thong for panties.  You're welcome.

Kathleen: I had sex...

Kathleen: ...with my HUSBAND!

...Good job, Kathleen.

To make up for deciding not to fulfill her LTW, I put Kathleen in the Law career like she wanted.  I thought it was kinda lame that the starter level outfit was THIS.

Wow, if it wasn't for that bright red plumb bob, I wouldn't have even thought that Kathleen was actually pregnant.  Seriously, she didn't puke or anything.

Kathleen: UGH, is that bastard stalking me?! 

Whoa, hormones.  And yes.

Kii, why are you doing the dishes?  You only have 2 neat points.

Kii: Oh, I dunno.  Kathleen just seemed kinda stressed, so I thought I'd help her out...

Awww.  If I didn't know better, I'd say Kii was a real gentleman.

Huh, why'd you just randomly get out of bed like that?

Kathleen: Uh, hello!

Kathleen: *pops*  I'm pregnant, remember?

Oh yeah...right.  Thanks for popping into the wrong colored pajamas, especially when all the yellow ones I have don't have pregmorphs.

Kathleen: Anytime.

Wow.  You know you've downloaded good skin defaults when even the carpool drivers look pretty!  Damn!

So I finally added some windows, yaaay!  Also, I think it might've been a dog who knocked over that trash can earlier in the update, judging by the dirt pile over there.

Well, Kathleen's aspiration was low and she wanted to make a friend, so I had her greet the first walkby I saw, who was none other than simmericangirl's Adora Rose!  Too bad this isn't a pixel_trade legacy; Adora would be perfect for the blue generation!

...You're not very good at making friends, are you, Kathleen?

Their relationship score improved a bit, though, after they played catch for awhile.

...Even though Adora kept chucking the ball with full strength at Kathleen's very pregnant belly.

Kathleen: What the hell?!

Kii: My life as I know it is over.  =(

Aww, what happened, Kii?

Are you serious?!  I buy you nice new furniture and this is the thanks I get?!  I didn't get a picture of it, but after this he went and did the same thing with the other chair, that ungrateful brat!

Kii: Oh, heyyy, Kathleen!  I heard you were pregnant!  Is that true?  I didn't even notice, cuz I thought you were just getting fat.

Kathleen: ...

Oh, honey, you knew he was a dumbass when you married him.  Don't give him that look.

Well, at least there's no way Kii wouldn't notice now.

It'd been some time since these two lovebirds had any ~sexy time~, so I sent them on another cheap-ass at-home date!  =D

Kii: Ewww, you want me to tell my wife a dirty joke?  Do I have to?

Quit complaining.  It was in your wants panel.

Jeez, for someone who is totally against telling dirty jokes, you seem to be getting pretty into this!

Kii, I see you peeking at me like that.  You're not trying to take advantage of Kathleen's pregnancy hormones, are you?

Kii: No, not at all...

Kii: *sings while juggling*  I just had seeeeex, and it felt so goooood!

Kii: A woman let me put my--

Kathleen: Don't sing all the words, Kii.

Kii: ...Yes, ma'am.

Kii: *hums instead*

Kii: *still humming*

Kathleen: Oh god!  DX  I think my water just broke!

...You think?  And Kii, would it kill you to pay some attention to your wife?!

Kii: *grimaces*  Hell no.  I don't wanna know what's going on over there.

Fine, then I'll make you look.

Kii: Ugh, fine.  What is it?

Just look over there and you'll see.

Kii: Oh...GOD!  Why did you make me look at that?!



 Kii: Oh, ewwwww!  What the hell is this?  ...Good thing I wasn't wearing my shoes.

...And on that note, I'll see you next update!

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Hey, you sent me a message about legacychallenge, but you've got your settings so that I can't PM you back. But it's fine to have include a crosspost link to pixel_trade in your entry.

Oops, sorry about that! (I'm fairly new to lj, so I hadn't gotten my settings all figured out yet.) And thank you very much for getting back to me! =]


cough Other than that, I like how this has started off so far! Poor Kii, he shouldn't have looked... :(

Do you use cameraman mode? That really helps to get some dynamic pictures.

Haha, well, when you use boolprop to spawn the sim modder (which is what you use to change aspirations, ages, etc.), a little item pops up that appears, in my opinion, to be a dead baby. Everytime I used the sim modder I was a dumbass and forgot to remove it before I took the pictures. xD

Thank you very much! =D Yes, I definitely empathize with Kii in that area since I've taken the birthing unit in health class. DX

Okay, I kind of have to admit that I have no idea what that is. DX I've had TS2 for forever, but I just reinstalled it two months ago so I'm still a little fuzzy on what everything is. How do you use it?

Ohhhh... it definitely does look like a floating dead baby just hanging around! Makes me feel a little better to know that it's not just Kii's imaginary baby friend accompanying him everywhere!

You start cameraman mode by pressing TAB, but I press F5 to get rid of the queue first. The controls are here. Took me forever to get a hang of it, but I couldn't imagine taking pictures without it now!

...I kinda wish it was that, though. It'd definitely make for some interesting simming sessions! xD

Thanks a bunch! =] I will definitely read up on this so as to cut down on pictures with the sky showing next update... >.

Liked this very much. You've got some really adorable founder on your hands there with some very delicious nipples

Kathlen turned out sooo pretty when younger and all, the crazyness just adding to her charms me thinks =3

Thanks! =D Kii's nipples are very...distracting, aren't they? Every time I saw him in his underwear (which was pretty much ALL the time) I could've sworn he was freezing cold, his nipples were so pointy! xD

I know, I was SO surprised of how pretty she actually was once I gave her a makeover! It was sort of hard for me to tell before since the matchmakers have all those warts and things, so I was really glad I took my chances with her! (Another one of her charms: she still has the elderly lady voice! It cracks me up to no end, I swear...)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! =D

There will definitely be babies next update! =3 I played up until the firstborn aged into a child, and it's pretty cute! I see more Kii in it than Kathleen at the moment, but that could all change during teenhood..

Ooh, Kathleen's pretty. :D I wonder if there's a TS3 conversion for that hair. I like the house. The windows look 70s ish. :)

She is, isn't she? ;D Most of the matchmakers are old bags, so I was really surprised with her!

I don't think there's a TS3 conversion, because it's fairly new, but here is where I got it from in case you wanna double-check! =]

Haha, thanks! XD The Nijis were dirt poor in the beginning, so I was just scouring the Buy Mode catalog, going, "Hmmm, what are the cheapest yellow windows?" I ended up changing them later, though, because I needed orange windows. =[

I couldn't find any, but who knows. Maybe someone will make one eventually :)

:( I always forget how TS2 doesn't have Create a Style. That sucks.

Create a Style? Oooh, what's that?

It's a thing that lets you change the color and patterns on anything. So you could have bright green leopard print underwear if you'd want.
I think in TS2 you have to download different colors or whatever of hair and clothes? In TS3, you could just edit it however you want. :o
And because I probably explained it really crappily, here's a link that explains it better: http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Create_A_Style

Wow, that's so cool! =O That and the "traits" aspect of the game almost makes me wanna get TS3. *sigh* If only my damn computer had room for it...

TS2 has a lot of fun stuff, judging from what I'd read from legacies. Weather, pets, apartments that work, less glitches....
But traits and CAS are fun too. :)

Hahahhahahahha xD


Haha, thanks! XD Maxis really chooses the creepiest stuff for their cheat objects, don't they? The first time I saw it I thought that I'd broken my game or something and spawned a toddler by mistake...

Thanks for reading! =]

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