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The Niji Legacy 2.9

Hi, pohtaytohs here!  Last time, Orenji and Chris were complete lovebirds.  And when I say lovebirds, I mean lovebirds, because they seriously would not stop fawning over each other.  During this rather ANNOYING period of time, more and more people began visiting the Niji kids' Greek house, namely the Grim Reaper and Count Jeff.  Let's just say many uggos died and many random visitors were turned into vampires.  Sunset did her best to try to avoid her little sister Apricot after hearing from Chris that she hated Twilight, but they eventually made up.  With nothing else to do after no longer being able to torture Sunset, Chris began to work out almost every day...in the nude, much to the amusement of their maid.  I sent Genesis on a date with her pregnant girlfriend Fanta, which turned out to be a huge mistake because during this particular date Genesis also got knocked up.  She got to drop out and move back home just before all the rest of the Niji kids somehow became convinced that they were tortured souls, much to her luck.  However, I found out to my surprise after a few days that they actually were tortured souls, as three Social Bunnies were summoned at once.  (No, this is not an ISBI.)  Things went quite smoothly for awhile until Chris' whore of a professor, Brenda, started hitting on her and anyone else that had a heartbeat.  Apricot and her prude boyfriend Jack got engaged, and soon after Brenda put a move on Orenji (which he rejected), causing Chris to think she was being cheated on.  Thankfully, through some verrrrrry careful use of the sunglasses aspiration award, a crisis was averted and the wedding for the two lovebirds was still on.  Right as college was about to end, Apricot and Jack decided to abandon their prude status and have sex...right in Mrs. Crumplebottom's line of vision.  When we last left off, everyone had graduated and received makeovers, and Orenji had just moved back into the main house.

Hey, wait a minute!  This isn't the main house!  What could all this be?  ;]

Sunset: Sweet, us spares get to be married first!  =D

Genesis: FINALLY, we're getting some attention for once!  Maybe now I can give birth!

Nope, I'm just playing with you guys for the weddings.  That's all.

Apricot: Yeah, seriously, guys.  She's just going to abandon us for Orenji after this whole wedding business is over.

Thank you, Apricot, for your lovely voice of reason.  And if you guys haven't seen the Niji download page yet, here's her spiffy new makeover!

So, you might be wondering where the hell these spares are right now.

I moved them into some Maxis house from Seasons for the time being.  I'll probably move them into their own houses sometime, because I don't like using premade houses even though the ones I make myself completely suck.  I don't really like this house, so I'm just gonna show you guys the horrible, unmatching bedrooms.

This is Fanta and Genesis' bedroom.  If anyone has a pregnancy fetish, you might wanna take note of this.

This is intended to be Sunset and Jeff's little nook.  They have a photo booth to do their married couple stuff, because as you can see there's no double bed.  (Why there are two coffins in there I have NO idea!  *cough*)

I just kind of threw in a random bed for Apricot and Jack in the midst of all the living room shit.  They'll probably spend more time watching TV anyway than doing couple stuff, knowing them.

And HERE'S the only important area: the wedding area!  Since all the girls are engaged, they're going to have a group wedding.  ...Oh, wait a minute, they aren't all engaged yet, are they?

There.  Now they are.

This would be sweet, but considering you're both with child I'm afraid that you're gonna squish the babies in there.  o_o

Genesis: Uh oh...

Fanta: Don't worry, mine just kicked.  Everything's fine.  =D


Genesis: Crap.

Eh, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I wanted to have a night wedding so a certain groom would be able to attend, so I had time to kill and decided to try to get the spares their LTW jobs.  Sadly, I couldn't find Apricot's yet.

Apricot: Well, you COULD'VE just given me one of the jobs that I have wants for...

Why the hell are you rolling wants to be a scientist when your LTW is to be a lawyer, anyway?

Genesis: So.  I know the last (and first) couple of times we had sex it didn't turn out so great, but...Well, we can't get any more pregnant, right?

Fanta: That's true.

Watch them both have quads.

See, Apricot, this is how you do it!

Sunset: Oh, an opening as a journalist?  Cool.  But still, I'd kind of rather be a---


Sunset: Hmmmm, interesting...So that's how Bella got pregnant?  But how could Edward get hard, anyway?  Stephenie Meyer said that vampires' hearts don't beat, so how could the blood flow down to---

Um, sorry to interrupt you when you're contemplating something with such a large degree of importance, but you're kind of needed elsewhere right now.  It's nightfall, after all.

Sunset: Oh, really?  Where?  I don't remember having anything planned for today.  I don't even have a job.

So you really don't know where you're supposed to be right now?

Sunset: Nope.

Count Jeff: *sigh*

Sunset sure took her sweet time getting to the front yard.  Not that I can completely blame her or anything, because the lot was laggy as fuck throughout the whole ordeal, thanks to me inviting over every single person they know.  I'm not even going to have wedding guest spam; all you need to know is that the grooms were there, the Nijis were there, and the whore Prof. Brenda was there, as well as at least twenty other people.

Oh yeah, and raemia's Claus Almassy was there too.  I guess Jeff didn't kill him after all.

Claus: Ugh, this shit is taking too long.  I'm not waiting for the bride anymore; I wanna get drunk NOW!

Count Jeff: Hey, is that asshole opening the wine without my permission?!  Well, if I just bite him again that will solve everything...  >=D

Just hold off for two simhours, okay?  Weddings are supposed to romantic, not filled with screaming and blood.  Unless you're into that.

Count Jeff: I am.

Too bad!

Jack: Is it my turn yet?  Is it my turn yet?

Good lord, calm down.  We haven't even had the first wedding yet, goddamn...

Hey, hurry it up, Sunset!  Everybody's waiting for you!

Everybody: BOOZE!  8D

Claus: I know, right? 

...Or not.  -_-

Fanta: ...Sex.

Seriously, the only important people that bothered to pay attention were Kathleen...

Apricot, who is trying to make me regret having Orenji be heir by being absolutely adorable...

Genesis, who seems to be distracted by the booze...

Genesis: Wait, there's BOOZE?!  =D  Well, screw this!

Nope.  No champagne for you, preggo.

Genesis: Awww...

...and Chris, oddly enough. 

Chris: I know, I know.  I'm still supporting her even after all the shit she gave me.  I'm such an amazing person!

Well, you gave her most of the shit, but whatever...

So, um, Sunset.  How's it feel that half your family isn't giving a damn on your wedding day?

Sunset: *twitch*  Heh.  I'm gonna kill them.  Heh heh heh!  *twitch*  I'm gonna KILL them!

Count Jeff: Sweetheart, it's alright.  This is supposed to be a happy, romantic time, remember?  Let's just put it behind us and keep moving forward.


Sunset: Okay, you're right.  This is supposed to be special!  Well, let's get on with it!

Count Jeff: Darling, I have loved you ever since---

Sunset's ass: *briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing*

Sunset: Oh my god, this is NOT happening!

Count Jeff: Everything's okay, honey.  It's no big deal.  Anyway, I have loved you ever since---

Sunset's ass: *briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing*

Sunset: *twitch*

Why can't this family ever have sweet moments without them being completely ruined?

Count Jeff: Ever since---

Sunset's ass: *briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing*

Sunset: Just hold out your fucking finger so I can put this damn ring on it.  >X[

Count Jeff: Can do.  O.o

Whoa.  In Jeff's defense, the Niji spares only became rich about a couple of simhours earlier because I motherloded their asses.  Honestly, I don't think he had any idea that they ever had any money at all.

Count Jeff: Holy shit!  When'd you guys get all this MOOLAH?  8D

Sunset's excuse?  None; she probably assumed all vampires are rich like the Cullens.  (But seriously, Jeff brought in about 50 grand!)

Oh well.  Even though their wedding memories beg to differ, they're totally in love.

Carl the manmaid: Congratulations, chick whose house I used to clean!  =D

Sunset: Uh, thanks...?

Count Jeff: Sooo, Sunset...

Sunset: Yeah?

Count Jeff: *GLOMP*

Carl the manmaid: Oh my god....Is he giving her a...hickey?  This is incredibly inappropriate.  =|

Lydia: Woo!  Don't listen to him!  Give her that hickey, boi!  ;D

Claus: Awesome!  I can take this extremely long hickey as an opportunity to flee before that vampire tries to murder me again...

Guys, I don't think that's a hickey.

Sunset: Man, Jeffie, you sure give a gooooooooooooooooood hickey!  *intoxicated with the power of the not-hickey*

Seriously, that's not a hickey.

Sunset: Well, would you look at that!  You're right!

...What?  I was always planning on re-vampirizing her if she ever ended up with Jeff.  ;]  It was just too hilarious of a situation to turn down!

Jack: Is it finally our turn now?


But first...

SUPER WEDGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd I remembered that young adult sims can't use the wedding arch, so these two have to make do with a marriage in the midst of the ginormous crowd.  =[

Just like Jeff, Jack probably didn't even realize that these guys were rich.  ...And yes, I do, in fact, have to defend all the spare spouses.

Apricot and Jack: *are having a quiet, tender married-couple moment away from the crowd*

Lydia: Wait, there's more than one wedding?  Does that mean I get to wittness more than one hickey?

No.  Go away, you creep.

Yeah, I BET you grew up well.  ;]

And now it's time for the final spare wedding!  (lol at the same wedding dress...)

Even though I'm not surprised, they still look happy, at least.


Genesis: Hey, where'd my bride go?  =|

...I'll just account this to hormones.

But to prevent any more hell from breaking loose, I deleted that goddamn champagne bottle.  Turns out that causes even more hell to break loose, therefore spoiling my original intent to ensure that hell did not break loose. 

See what I mean?

Carl the manmaid, the vampire llama who thinks he's a soldier, and some dormie: Ewwwwww, the redheaded bride sure smells like shit!

Some other dormie: Noooooo, she's dreeeeeeeeeeaaaaaammmmmyyyyyyy!  <3


So, Orenji, are you hoping your wedding's like this too?

Orenji: GOD no.


Well, look at the bright side, Orenji.  Knowing Chris, maybe you won't even get married at all!  =D

Orenji: ...That didn't really make me feel any better.

Oooh, guess this married couple can't wait until the reception's over for some alone time, huh?  ;]

They might have to, though, considering the wedding guests were complete retards and thought it would be best to get in line for the bathroom in the SMALLEST AREA OUT OF ALL THE PROPERTY.

Hey, never mind!  (Although it DID take about five tries...)

Stupid-ass party guests: Hey, who do you think you are?!  You can't just push past us like that!  We are your GUESTS!

Stupid-ass party guests: *still bitching*

Count Jeff: My love, you've finally come!

Sunset: Call me Bella.  ;]

Stupid-ass party guests: I MEAN, HOW RUDE CAN YOU GE---

Count Jeff: *huff*  Oh, Bella!  *huff*

Sunset: Oh, EDWARD!  *grunt*  *squeal*

Stupid-ass party guests: ...

radiationpoison's Asher Quagmeyer: Oh my god, what are they DOING in there?!?!

...What do you think?

Sunset: Mmmmm, you're so cold, but you make me feel warm like JACOB would!

Count Jeff: *gasp*

Sunset: Oh, I guess not anymore.  See you later, Jeffie!

Chris: Sunset?  Sunset?  I can't see in there!  Did he pop your cherry?  Did he?  Huh?  Oh, well, congratulations, I guess...DON'T PRETEND YOU CAN'T HEAR ME, YOU BITCH.

Speaking of bitches...

Prof. Brenda: You know, I LOVE married men.  What do you say to some sexy time upstairs?

Jack: What?  NO!  It's my wedding night!

Prof. Brenda: Oh, okay.  I understand.  =]

~five minutes later~

Jack: She's not leaving!  Why isn't she leaving?!

Prof. Brenda: I'll leave once you sleep with me.

Chris: Pffft, good luck, Jack.  XD

Sunset: *sigh*  Didn't this turn out to be a beautiful wedding?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, it totally did....Hey, would you mind talking to blondie here while I make a run for it inside?  I, uh, forgot to get out extra champagne glasses.

Sunset: Oh!  Sure!  =3

Prof. Brenda: *is perpetually turned on*

Sunset, you're such a chump!

I guess she could always get her hubby to vampirize Brenda for her, though.  By the way, I think his makeover's dashing.  XD

Chess?  It's your wedding night and you're playing chess?

Apricot: What?  Is that not what I'm supposed to do?

Hey, you're not a prude anymore.  You have no excuse for being dumb.

Oh well.  They figured it out eventually.  ;]

Hmmm, is Jack smiling about his makeover or his wife's panties?  *ahem*the panties*ahem*

And with that, we're leaving the spare house until the spare update!  Bye, guys!

Jack: Heh heh heh...panties.

Yup, those two are fully un-pruded.  Anyway, back at the main house...

Why, what's this?  Oh, it's just the birthday cake from Apricot's teen transition.  Somehow it's survived all those college years and never even got stale.

Kii: *sob*  This is all I have to remember my little babies by!  Why is life so unfaaaaaaair?!

Kathleen: It's okay, honey.  Just let it all out.


Okay, I'll just leave these two alone for awhile.

Well, would you look who it is!  I guess Chris knows she'll be a part of the family quite soon, seeing as she's barging in the house without an invitation as if she owns the place.

Kathleen: So, um, Orenji, your father just informed me that you're going to...marry this woman tomorrow, am I correct?

Orenji: Yup.  Tomorrow.

Kathleen: Oh.  That's nice, I guess.  I suppose prostitutes can find real love too.

Chris: Bite me.

Mmmmm, I can already smell the discord that is definitely to come!  Oh, joy!  =D

Oooh, look!  It's the big day already!  (Yeah, I was NOT having another night wedding after all those dark-ass pictures last time.)

So, Orenji, how're you feeling?  Excited?

Orenji: Actually, I sort of feel a sense of foreboding...

Really?  Why could that be?

I only had you invite Genesis, Megan the maid, Jack, radiationpoison's Christian, that really cute delivery girl, Sunset...Oh, wait a minute.  She probably shouldn't be here.  o_o  That's why you've been feeling uneasy, right?  We don't want your sister dying at your wedding!

Orenji: No, that's not it.

Is something wrong with the rest of the guests, then?

I mean, the only other people here are Brenda, Apricot, Lydia, simmericangirl's Adora Rose, Fanta, Suzie the waitress,rikkulidea's Laci Tang-Deline, the love of your life, and Competent Nanny...oh, wait a minute.

It's Brenda, right?

Orenji: *sigh* Yep.

Chris: I'm watching you, bitch. 

Sunset: SHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT!!!!!!!!!  Now I realize why Jeffie refused to go to the wedding this morning!  GAH!  *flees*

I'll hold off on calling you a complete moron for now, but it's just because I'm happy this wedding didn't turn into a funeral.

Speaking of which, it's about to start!  EEEEEEEEEE!

Kathleen: Ugh, I still can't believe that my son is marrying a former hooker.

Kii: What's the problem?  =D  You're a former hooker too, and I had no problem marrying you!

Kathleen: What the fuck did you just say to me?  I was a MATCHMAKER.  So technically that would classify me as a pimp, not a hooker.  Don't say things that aren't true, asshole.

Kii: *tremble*  M-my mistake!

Chris: You ready, babe?

Orenji: I'm ready when you are!

Chris: Well, I'm read---hey, where's Genesis?

I'm sure she's just in the bathroom or something.  Go ahead and start without her.

Yup, the bathroom...

Orenji: Okay!  Let's get this show on the road!

Chris: My dear, sweet Orenji.  You're the love of my life.  However, when I first met you, I seriously wanted to rip your balls off and shove them up your nostrils and suffocate you with them until you died.  =D  <3

Orenji: Christine, you're also my shining star.  But, just like you, I didn't like you all that much at first.  In fact, for the longest time I wanted to hack your body into teeny tiny pieces with my axe and feed them to the skunks!  Hahaha!  =D  <3

Chris: I know, we were just so silly back then! 

Orenji: But once I got over that murderous rage I felt every time I saw your face, I knew that we were meant to be together for the rest of our lives.

Chris: Awwwwwwwwwww, Orenji!  I did too!  <3

Kathleen: They seriously think this is romantic?!

Adora: Aww, he's gotten so big!  I remember when he was thiiiiiiiiiis small!  You must be so proud!

Kii: Uh huh!  *sniffle*  He's my baby boy!

Ugh, I've gotta get away from all the sweetness for a moment.  Let's see, where's something that's not sweet?

Oh yeah.  That.  They're not much richer than you, you know, Chris. 

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!  Chris is now the official Generation 2 spouse!  (Although you probably knew anyway from the downloads page, but still.)

Adora: You know, your baby boy is probably going to be using a LOT of lube tonight, if you catch my drift.  ;]



Damn, what crawled up her ass?  I guess she's just that against having a prostitute as a daughter-in-law.  I mean, she didn't even bother to dress up for her own son's wedding or anything.  Even Underpants McGee over here changed into something nice!

Wow, things are just really crawling up people's asses today, aren't they?

Jack: *poke*  Bitch, you do that to my wife again and you're gonna wake up at the bottom of the fucking ocean!  Understand?!

Prof. Brenda: Huh?!  What's wrong with just a little butt-touching?

Jack: EVERYTHING when it's with my wife!

Apricot: Yeah, you tell her!

Jack: Oh, I told her.

Prof. Brenda: *sob*  Yeah, he told me.  *sob*

Will this deter you from ever messing with a Niji again, then?

Prof. Brenda: No!  I'm not giving up on my dream to touch some of that glorious Niji ass!

Jack: Oh, so you haven't learned your lesson yet, huh?  Well, you can deal with Chris!  C'mon, Chris, get her!

Chris: Sorry, can't hear ya!  I'm going on my honeymoon.

Jack: But---


Have a great time, Orenji!  You're all grown up now!  T^T

Chris: *whisper* It's about time you got here!  I think there's something wrong with our driver.  She keeps sending me evil glares and muttering your name over and over.

Orenji: Uh oh.  Don't tell me it's---

Oh, it is.

Brittany: First I have to drive you off to college, then I have to pick you back up only to realize that higher education has completely changed you, and now this?!  T^T  It's gonna take all I have in me not to splatter this whore's insides all over the seats of this car.

Chris: Uh....heh heh?

Well, you guys have fun on what's probably the most uncomfortable car drive of all time!  XD

Chris: Hey, you can't just LEAVE us here---

~a couple of extremely awkward hours later~

Brittany: And THAT'S why you better take good care of my precious Orenji.  Anyway, thanks for coming up to the front with me so I could get all this off my chest.  And sorry about that huge gash on your arm.  I'm sure that'll get better in a couple of days.

Chris: Sure thing... Orenji, you are so dead.

Orenji: I'm soooooooorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!  *hides behind seat*

Brittany: Oh, would you look at that!  We're here!

Chris: Thank GOD...

By "here" Brittany means the cheapest hotel available at Twikkii Island!  =D  Welcome to your honeymoon, guys!

Chris: Yippee.  =/

Hey, once you get rich then maybe you'll be able to go on a better vacation.  Until then, I don't wanna hear any whining!

Chris: Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Orenji.  I just checked us in.  You ready to have some fun?  ;]

Orenji: U-um, yeah, totally!  Haha...ha?

Orenji, don't tell me you're too nervous!

Orenji: Heh, what are you talking about?  I'm not n-nervous at all!  8|  It's just a little hot in here; that's why I'm all sweaty.

Is that why you're trembling from head to toe, too?  Because it's a little hot in there?

Orenji: Screw you.

Chris: So, babe, are you ready to---
Orenji: BAHAHAHAHAHA!  Would you look at that!  A giant bunny's hugging a person on the TV!  Hahahaha!  *sweat*  *sweat*  *sweat*

Chris: Uh...

Orenji, what do I look like to you, an idiot?  You're SO nervous right now that it's making me embarrassed for you!  -_-

Orenji: Nuh uh!  I'm totally not nervous!  See?  *smooch*

Chris: Oh, Orenji!  *swoon*

Okay, okay, I believe you.  Damn. 


You know, I should probably stop watching them now.  After all, it's their honeymoon.

Hmmmmm.  Yup, I should definitely stop watching.  *cleans fog off glasses*

Oh, alright.  Guess everything's okay now.

Chris: Okay, honey.  This is it!  ;]

Orenji: Yesssssssssssssss!  >w<

Wait, there's more?

...OH.  Yep, I should DEFINITELY stop watching now.  But I guess looking for just a couple more seconds can't hurt... *cough*

Oh, and would you look at that!  Too late!

How was it, you guys?  XD

Orenji: *sniffle*  Thank you so much, my love.  <3  TwT

Chris: Yeah, yeah.  It's a good thing I love you so much, 'cause...  =/

Oh well.  Better luck next time, Chris.

Chris: And I didn't even get to use the whip I brought.  >=|

Well, I guess he's all tuckered out, huh?  XD

Chris: *sigh*  Yep.  Now I've gotta wait here until he wakes up so we can actually go and do something...

Maybe you can eat something while you wait.

Chris: Hey, that's a good idea!  Fuck the expense, I'm gettin' room service, bitches!

Chris: ...Any reason why you had me order an entire cheesecake?

Nope.  Because it's totally not like I'm trying to get you to have multiples or anything, seeing as you're not even pregnant yet.  >.>


But NOW I have a reason!

Chris: Hey, what was that weird sound just now?  =]

Orenji: Dunno.  It's probably nothing.  =]


Orenji: Hey, where am I?  This isn't our hotel room, or as I like to call it, our dungeon of love!

You're at the boardwalk, silly!  I had to send you guys somewhere, because all you'd ever wanna do was order food and sleep!  >=[

Chris: But that's fun.

Not for ME!

Thankfully these two found some fun things to do on the beach anyway.

Like combing for shells.

Orenji: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god!  I think I just found a rare invisible shell!  8D  These things sell for MILLIONS on the black market!  I think this is the happiest moment of my life...besides when I married Chris, of course.  *cough*

Chris: Hunh?  Did shombuddy shay muh name? 

Damn, woman.  I don't care if you're pregnant, swallow your food before you talk.

Chris: I'm what?

Oh, um, nothing, dear.  You just enjoy your tropical lunch.  ^_^

My favorite thing about Bon Voyage besides the hot tourists?  The relaxed look on the sims' faces when they tan.  <3

Oooh, look!  Gurl got bling!  I like that a lot about BV too.

Of course, I had to send them back to the hotel before too long because Chris' needs were plummeting like crazy.  Ugh, you guys, stop being so boring!!!

Orenji: Can't.  Waiting for my wife to wake up.

You guys are just using this as an excuse to stalk each other.

Orenji: Uh, hang loose...?  Oh SHIT SHIT I'M FALLING!

Local: Why is everyone who comes here retarded?

Chris: That's my husband.  =]

About that "retarded" comment...she may have a point there...

Seriously, guys, a vicious hailstorm is NOT the time romance!

Orenji: Hang loose, honey!

Chris: That's, um, nice.  Uh oh, maybe he IS retarded...

Well, guess it's time for them to leave already!  The time just flew by, didn't it?  Probably because they refused to DO anything, but...

Back at home...

Kathleen: You know, honey, I'm actually starting to enjoy myself at this party a little!

Kii: Well, that's great, but...where'd Orenji and Chris go?  I could've sworn they were here just a minute ago.

And in the minute they were gone, they had a whole three days of beach fun!  Hurts your brain, doesn't it?

Yeah, not really.

Prof. Brenda: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, no one appreciates my sexual advances!  T^T

Jack: Oooh, look, Chris is back!  Where were you, the bathroom or something?  Anyway, you can totally beat her up now, right?  ...Right?

Chris: Brenda?

Jack: Yes, she's gonna do it!

Chris: I forgive you.  *huggles*

Prof. Brenda: Awww, thanks so much, best friend of mine!

Jack: Traitor.  >=[

Chris: Awww, Jack, don't feel bad!  Just hang loose!

Jack: ...Seriously, are you retarded?  >=|

Chris got her LTW job on the first try!

It's not like she'll get to go for awhile anyway, though.

You know that really cute delivery girl?  Turns out she also has a really cute name: Bettie Brock.  So you know what?  When we refer to her, she gets to be referred to with both her first AND last name!

Bettie Brock: Hahaha, your kids are all grown up, and now you're gonna be a grandpa!  Ah, you're just one step closer to death, while I, however, get to live forever!

Kii: Nuh uh!  You're cute, so someday you'll get married in and then YOU'LL have to die TOO!

Bettie Brock: ...Shit.


Chris: Huh?  What's wrong?  *oblivious*

Kathleen: Hey, bitches!  Look who's almost at the top of the crazy world of lawyers!

Congratulations.  =]

Brittany: *sob*  This is Orenji's house...


Orenji: Heyyyyyyy, ladies!  Be careful not to get sucked into the sexy ORENJI DANCE!  ;]

Ladies: *ignore*

One of those is your mom, dude.  Gross.

Orenji: Oh.  Right.  *ahem*

WOOHOO!  YEAH!  SWEET!  AWESOME!  HURRAY!  YIPPEE!  OTHER CELEBRATORY WORDS!  Kii has now gotten his LTW!  How's it feel, Kii?  =D

Kii: I guess I feel a little better now...

You should; you're a fucking game designer!

Now your son's able to pursue his dream career!  Isn't that satisfying? 

Kii: Eh.

Look whose baby actually survived the second trimester!

Oooh, I can smell the multiples....

Kii: Ew!  Guys!  Stop!  Seriously!

The Lovebirds: *ignore*

Kii: ...Ima backhand y'all, I swear!

Hey, who do you think you are?  Kathleen?

Um, Orenji, I don't really think you should go to work today.

Orenji: It's my first day of work!  I can't just not show up!  Look, everything will be fine!

But you're the last one to leave the house.  What if Chris has to give birth all by herself?

Orenji: Oh, I'm sure that won't happen.

And sure enough, two hours later...

Chris: CRAP!  I have to give birth all by myself!  Okay, okay, calm down, Chris...you can do this...I know!  I'll just try and hold it in until someone gets here to help me!

~ten minutes later~

Chris: OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!  Okay, never mind!  That's not gonna work!  DX  It's coming NOW!

Hmmm, that's a real pickle there, isn't it, Chris?


Well, on that note, I'll see you guys next update!  (MWAHAHAHAHA I'M SO EVIL!)  And hopefully next time with a couple of nip slips, because I foolishly counted on Orenji swimming in the ocean to get one.  >=[ 

Bye!  XD

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Aww, mini-spares-part. Very nice to know a little about them :D Some birthing on Genesis and Fanta’s part would have been really appreciated, too, y’know ;)

> Why the hell are you rolling wants to be a scientist when your LTW is to be a lawyer, anyway?

Ugh, yeah, tell me about it! >___< My sims are doing this all. The. Time. It’s really very annoying (and weird/not logical at all) that they wish for jobs that won’t lead to their LTW at all.

> Watch them both have quads.

This cracked me up so hard! Hahahahahahahaha.

Studying the backgrounds during the weddings was really fun. My, you have a bunch of some very interesting looking sims walking through your game ^^ (and I love love love Kii’s Formal Wear!)

Post-makeover Jack is stunning!

OMG, no I’m gonna imagine Kathleen in Adam Lambert’s pimp stage-outfit every time I see her XD http://justjared.buzznet.com/headlines/2010/06/adam-lambert-wham-bam-concert.jpg

Hehe, don’t feel bad for watching them – I once even tried to get *under* the covers while my sims werde doing it cuz I was curious as to what could be seen there ;p

Aww, nooooooo, you can’t just leave us here with a baby-cliffhanger (and not even a niplle pic to soothe the pain)!! I want to know how many and names and everything!!

You'll just have to wait and see when I do a spare update! ;]

Haha, thanks! XD I SERIOUSLY hope they don't have quads, though. That would suck, considering I'm sure they'll both be absolutely horrible mothers. >.<

I like his suit too! Here's where I got it from if you want it! =D

I know, right? ;] Although ever since I gave Jack the glasses and the business suit-type thing, he totally looks so stern all the time! XD

BAHAHAHA! YESSSSSSSSSSS! XD I so wish there was an outfit like that on MTS somewhere so I could make her wear it!!!!!!! That would be awesome!

Actually, I've done that too. >.> I even got a little disappointed when I couldn't see anything...=p

Mwahahahahaha, yes! >=D You'll just have to wait until next update! Hopefully I don't take forever again...I already have played through most of it, though, so you should be able to see some Niji babies soon! ;]

Thanks so much for reading! =D

Nooooo! Aww, you're so mean! What's the baby going to be like? I gotta know!

The weddings were all great, the brides were all lovely and the grooms were all silly, and I was pretty happy to see Claus rocking his turtleneck and getting drunk. C:

Poor Sunset. I think her cell just got a little too overzealous about the wedding, that's all. "WHAT? RINGS? WHERE *BRINGBRING*" Oh, and those champagne bottles are terrible. Once I had this viking wedding, which was going great until the guests refused to stop toasting for hours straight, so I had to zap the toasters with lightning bolts to make them leave.

I loved Genesis and Fanta's third trimester chest bump. You two sure are smart!

This was such a fun update. I loved it! And I didn't even know about that huge suit collection, I'll have to get it. :O

Heh heh heh. >=] You're just gonna have to wait and seeeeee!

Yeah, that's sort of what happened to me too with the champagne. >.< The same stuff always happens with bars too. *sigh* I swear, if it involves alcohol, all the sims flock to it! Ugh.

Those two amaze me more and more with their stupidity. -_- I've already played through a spare update, and I'm surprised that they didn't end up killing their kids.

Thanks so much! <3 8D

It's awesome, right? ;] Before I downloaded it I pretty much had a DROUGHT with male formalwear. Heh, yeah, not anymore...

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