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The Niji Legacy 2.8

Hi, pohtaytohs here!  Last time, all the kids started college and the 2nd generation heir was declared.  It was Orenji...who's surprised?  At first Chris wasn't completely into the idea of being slated to marry him, but after having some drugs magic Koolaid she changed her mind.  Their relationship began to "bloom", and when I say "bloom" I really mean "exploded" because they fell head over heels for each other on the first date.  ...Yeah.  (Remember, guys, they completely HATED each about only a month ago.)  Although it was sweet, the two also began being mushy idiots, informing everyone around them that they were in love.  I'm sure everybody wanted to kill themselves after having to listen to them for days on end.  What wasn't so sweet about their relationship, however, was that Chris began picking on Tammy (someone Orenji had talked to only once as a teenager and now just happened to be one of their dormmates) relentlessly out of jealousy.  Orenji and Chris were soon banned to celibacy because Orenji's sister Fanta got knocked up by her girlfriend, Genesis.  Not being patient enough to handle a pregnant sim in college, I promptly dropped Fanta out and moved her back to the main neighborhood.  Soon after, Sunset got engaged to Count Jeff and managed not to plop out vampire babies all over the place, thank god.  After almost half her college life, Apricot finally began expressing romantic interest in other dormies and ultimately chose a guy named Jack.  They went well together, because they're both complete prudes.  By the end of sophomore year the kids were finally able to afford and move into a Greek house, where they had a toga party that ended with their father wetting himself in front of everyone.  Tensions were getting high now that everyone was in such close quarters, and Chris began chipping away at Sunset's sanity by informing her that Apricot was not into Twilight.  When we last left off, Orenji and Chris had just gotten engaged.
Orenji: ...=D


Orenji: ...=D

Are you okay?

Orenji: ...=D  Heh heh heh....I'm gonna get maaaaaaaarried.

Oh, lord.

Orenji: Hey.  Hey Chris.  I'm gonna be your huuuuuuusbaaaaaaand.  And you're going to be my wiiiiiife.  And we're going to be maaaaaaaaaarried.

Sorry about your fiance, Chris.  I think he's broken.

Chris: Heehee, we're gonna get maaaaaaaaaarried... <3


Hey, Genesis, go break the spell!

Genesis: Okay.  Hey, Chris, congrats on getting engaged to this, pffft, studmuffin here.  lol

Orenji: Hey.  >=[

Chris: Thank you!  Did you know that we're getting maaaaaaaaaarried?

*sigh*  Yes, we all do.  Well, Genesis, Orenji's fine but I think you'll have to try something different with Chris.

Genesis: I'm on it.  Say, Chris, have you given any thought to your wedding night?  Hmm?  Hmmmmmm?

Chris: *snaps out of it*  Oh, yeah!  Orenji's the first virgin I've ever had to deal with, so it's definitely gonna be hot.  ;]  They're so cute and innocent...

Orenji: ...I don't really feel comfortable being present for this conversation.  =l

Genesis: Well, you know what you should do?  You should ***** his ***** and then let him ***** your ***** and *****!

Chris: Ohmigod, that's a great idea!  =D  I can't believe I never thought of that before!

Orenji: ...Yup,  I really don't feel comfortable being here right now.  >.<

And where's Apricot during all of this?

Apricot: Lalala, how I love splashing in puddles...

Still a prude.

I just wouldn't be me if I went an update without killing somebody.

Cow: *covers udder*  At least use my milk after I dieeeeeeeeeeee!  T^T

...You're a male.

Cow: I know. 

Grim: I know you did this.  >=[

Who, me?

Aw, guess we won't ever get to use that "milk".

In lighter news, now that Jeff actually knows where Sunset lives, he's going to visit a lot more often!

 Wait a minute, maybe that's not such a good thing.  Is he cheating with sounseelie's Anka November?!

My bad, he's just randomly turning her into a vampire.  o__o

Anka: Hisssssss!

Count Jeff: You're doing great, my dear!

She's already scarier than Sunset was.


Chris: *snore* I'm gonna get maaaaaaaaarried *snore*

I have no idea.

Chris: Holy shit, a real vampire!  Lemme give you a hug, you hot stud, you!

Count Jeff: =D  Sweet, more chicks.

Chris?!  Since when have you been into vampires?

Chris: Have I ever mentioned that the only series my pimp ever let me read was Twilight?

Chris: Damn, boy, if I wasn't engaged right now I would totally have your half-human, half-vampire babies.  Umph.

Uh oh.  Chris and Orenji have one bolt.  These two have two bolts.  This can't end well.  Buuuuuut at least the spell is broken, right?

Sunset: Look at her, just stringing me along and talking to vampires as if she really cares about them.  She makes me SICK.  Chris was right all along.

Apricot: I love the whole world!  =D

Anka: ...Pussy.

Count Jeff: You know, my black-haired beauty, I was thinking about what you said earlier, and I realized you're right!  We shouldn't have human/vampire hybrid babies.  We should have FULL-BLOOD vampire babies.  >=3  *prepares to bite*

Seriously, Jeff has been getting trigger-happy with those fangs of his.

Chris: Okay, I'm done flirting with other guys now!  Help me!

Fine, you're off the hook...this time.

Sunset: Chris, the most embarrassing thing just happened to me.

Chris: Haha, sweet.  XD  *cough*  Uh, I mean, what happened?

Sunset: I realized that you were right about my precious baby Apricot.  God, I wish I could just hop on a plane and leave this place and start off fresh somewhere else.  *sigh*

Chris: You really should.  I don't like you all that much.

Sunset: I bet she's totally laughing her ass off at me right now for being such a loser.

Chris: I'm sure she is.

~What Apricot's Actually Doing~

Apricot: Lalala, let's make a pretty snowman!

Have I ever mentioned that Chris' LTW is to be a Hall of Famer? 

Chris: Phew, this is hard work.

...Those are orange juice cartons, by the way.

Megan the maid: Ummm...

Chris: *in the middle of a sexy, nude pushup*  Oh, hi there!  I don't think we've met before.  I'm Chris! 

Megan the maid: No, you're...naked.  =l

Chris: ...And?

Megan the maid: Well, busty.

...I think I like this maid.

Hey, Fanta!  Long time no see!  Genesis is an awful Romance sim and only rolls wants for her girlfriend, so I decided to let the two have a romantic date at a....clothing store.  Yep.

Fanta: You give a niiiiiice backrub, Genny!  You'll be a great wife soon.  ;]

Genesis: Wait, you wanna get married?  Uhhh.  =/

Maybe she's not an awful Romance sim after all.

Fanta: But that's not gonna be for a long time, you know.

Genesis: Ohhhh thank god!  *mauls Fanta's face*

Genesis: Get IN here!

Fanta: I don't know....I'm not so sure about this...what if we get in trouble?  This has to be against at least a couple of laws.

Genesis: Look, we're not gonna get in trouble!

She's right.  See?  No one cares.

Okay, so while they were doing it I thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be hilarious if Genesis got pregnant too?"  ...  Yeah, I really need to stop thinking things like that.  -_-


Fanta: I'm gonna be a mommy!  =D

You were ALREADY gonna be a mommy.  I hate you both.

Genesis: That.  Was.  AWESOME!!!!!!!!!  I even feel a little bit tingly inside!

Yeah, there's a reason for that...

Anyway, no more lovin' for you.  You're going home right this instant, young lady.

Genesis: Okay, now I don't feel so good... Xb

I guess the tingles are getting a bit more aggressive now, aren't they?

Genesis: Yup, yup...*hurk*

Go inside.  Heyyyyyy, is that who I think it is?

Yessssssss!  Hi, Brittany!  =D

Brittany the creepy-ass bus taxi driver: Huh, so this is where Orenji lives now....Oh, how I wish I could go jump into his beautiful arms.  T-T

....Um, nice seeing you.

Chris: Hey, Sunset, I'm sorry that Apricot betrayed you like that.  Would a hug ease the pain?  *snicker*

Sunset: QUIT IT.

Apricot: *oblivious*  Lalala, how I love playing the piano...

Go away, Fanta.  A measly little rose won't make up for what you did.  >=[

Orenji: *gasp*  SOLID FOOD?!  It's a miracle!  *tears of joy*

Yeah, I felt bad about making them all subsist on juice, so they just get salad and lunchmeat sandwiches from now on.

Chris: Ooh, I could do that!  And that.  And that!

What are you doing?

Chris: Oh, just looking into that advice that Genesis gave me.  Have I ever mentioned that romance novels are awesome?  ;]


With all those Creativity points, Orenji's on that piano like 24/7.  Every time he plays he looks really INTENSE.

Orenji: I can't help it.  I'm a tortured soul. 

Yeah, you're really not.

Oh, by the way, don't freak out if you see Sunset barfing because, well...yeah.  Besides, she and Jeff haven't even done the nasty yet.

Apricot: Wow, you're awesome, big brother!  =D  Keep it up!

Orenji: What is this my tortured soul feels?  Could it be the feeling of...acceptance?

Look, you're not a tortured soul.

Sunset: Wait a minute, what was that, Fanta?  ...Genesis is pregnant too?  ...How did this happen again, let alone the first time?!  =/

When will you guys realize that there's no such thing as science in The Sims?  ...Besides the Science career track, of course.


No one here is a tortured soul.  Stop it.

Huh, it's been awhile since this happened.

Sunset: Wow, I must have a really vivid imagination!  I can almost FEEL the waves!

I often wonder how these kids keep getting on the Dean's List.

Genesis: Hey, these aren't my usual underwear.  Weird, huh?  =D


Genesis: Ohhhhhhhh!

Can you believe she rolls the most wants to study out of everyone in this house besides Orenji?


Genesis: Well, I'm droppin' out then.

I think that's best.

Genesis: Yaaaaaayyyyy, I'm all grown up!

Yeah, way to grow up in the classiest way possible.  -_-

Ugh, you too?!

Genesis: Hey, did you know that confetti's flammable?

Fuck you.

Apricot: Hey, Genesis, where're you going?  ...Genesis?

Genesis: *ignores*


Back at the main neighborhood...

Fanta: *gasp*  Could it be?

Genesis: Hey, babe.

I actually thought the bob was quite flattering on her, so I swapped it out for this one.  And of course I gave her an outfit appropriate for a Romance sim.  ;] 

I have a feeling her girdle comes from the same company as Fanta's.  Seriously, you guys, this stuff can't be good for the babies.

Aww, how sweet.  Two pregnant idiots in love.

Back at the Greek house...

Wow, Orenji, you're actually playing something upbeat?  What happened?  I thought you were a "tortured soul" or something.
Orenji: What can I say?  It's hard to feel tortured when my ~inspiration~ is here.

Chris: *inadvertantly being inspiring*

I guess it was her inspiration that helped Orenji max out Creativity.  That's actually kind of sweet.

Apricot: Hey, I can be a tortured soul too!  See?  SEE?

No, nobody's a tortured soul!  Jesus!

Orenji: *type*  My soul has become even more tortured after learning about the problem of elephant poaching in Africa.  I'm gonna go cry for a couple hours now.


Whoa.  Whoa.  Whoa.  THIS is the repairman?!  Hot damn.  <3

Orenji: Miss?  Miss?  Could I possibly talk to you for a moment?  I think you might be a tortured soul like myself.

Megan the maid: Yeah?  And why do you think that?

Orenji: Well, being destined to clean other's people's houses day after day after day until you get married off to some jerk?  *shiver*  It's just so...tortured!  I wonder how you can even live knowing your sad, sad fate!  I guess it's a tortured life, amirite?

Megan the maid: ...Huh.  >=l  Why do I work for you bastards again?

Hey, no one's forcing you to be here.  I could easily swap you out for Carl.  He delivers babies.

Chris: We can be tortured souls, too!  Look!


OH MY GOD.  You guys are spoiled legacy kids/spouses.  You are not tortured souls.

Chris: Don't worry, Apricot!  If we keep acting like this, we'll be recognized as tortured souls in no time!

Apricot: Yay!  >w<

Did you not hear what I just said?!

Sunset: This homework is so hard.  *sigh*  I'm such a tortured soul...

Not you, too.

Llama: I'm the biggest tortured soul of all, see?  *DOOM*

For the last goddamn time, no one around here is a tortured soul!!!!!!!



Social Bunny: Let's see what you get when you cross a llama with a bunny, if you catch my drift.  ;]

You know it's just a human in there, right?

Social Bunny: Don't you dare take this away from me!  I'm so damn lonely...T^T

Well, yeah.  You're a social bunny.

Oh my god, they summoned all three?!  I should really start listening to my sims.  -_-

Apricot, you really need to pick better places and, uh, positions to work out in.

radiationpoison's Christian: I think I'm gonna study here every day from now on.  *o*  *drool*

Orenji: Mess with my sister and DIE.

Christian: On second thought, maybe I'll just leave right now and never come back for as long as I live.  *gulp*

Orenji: That's right, buddy.

Christian: Okay, am I high, or are those two giant bunnies hooking up?

Whoa.  I never knew this could happen.  o_o  Then again, I guess I'd never thought I'd neglect my sims so badly that more than one social bunny would come, or even one, for that matter.

But there's not going to be any danger of any of this happening ever again.  ;]

Orenji: Oh, Chris, with your lips pressed against mine, I feel like I'll never be a tortured soul again!

Chris: Awwwww!  <3  I AM awsome, aren't I?

Yup, it was totally this that ended the reign of tortured souls...

...and not this godsend right over here.  Nope.  Not at all. 

Okay, so up to this point I'd kind of been trying to get the kids through college without using this.  Yup, that didn't end up happening.  But hey, they got to junior year.  That's pretty good for me.

Orenji: I feel so...HAPPY!  *sings*  The dog days are o-vah-er---

Don't sing.  Just...don't.

Sunset: You know, Apricot?  Ever since I stopped being a tortured soul I started thinking, and you know what?  I don't care if you don't like Twilight.  You're my little sister and that's all that matters.

(Sunset may or may not have been under the influence of drugs when she said this.  But still, it's kind of a...)

~potentially tender moment~

Apricot: *still completely oblivious*  Huh?  Uh, okay.

Well, look who we haven't seen all update!

And look who we haven't seen, well...ever.  This cutie's name is Prof. Brenda, by the way.  She becomes kind of important later.

Well, I guess it's time for these two to start officially dating.

Why does everyone in this family fall in love so quickly?!  Still, I guess this is a lot less surprising than the whole thing with Orenji and Chris...

Orenji: No, Fanta!  I don't want to hear about how you and Genesis had to get...creative last night because of your two pregnant bellies!  >X[

Oh, Fanta.  You crazy Grilled Cheese sim you.

Now that Orenji's not a tortured soul anymore, he's taken up more "cheerful" instruments.

Orenji: Lalala, let's play some drums and forget the mental scarring that I have just received by talking to my psycho sister, lalala...


Huh?  That wasn't from the drums.  What's going on here?!


Prof. Brenda: My love!  You were supposed to catch me in your arms!  What happened?  T^T

Chris: What the hell are you talking about?!  Why on earth would you think that I'm in love with you?!

...Yeah.  Seriously, I panned outside and this was all I saw.  Let me give you a list as to why this makes absolutely no sense:
1. Chris has never initiated any romantic interactions with Prof. Brenda, not even backrubs.
2. I haven't even had her check out Prof. Brenda.
3. She and Prof. Brenda have no bolts, so they shouldn't be doing anything on their own because...

So my logical conclusion is that Prof. Brenda is a whore.  A pretty whore whom I might like to marry into the family someday, but still a whore.

Megan the maid: Whoa.  *snicker*  I think I remember why I work here again.  This is some funny shit.  XD

And as if poor Chris hadn't gone through enough...

Streaker whom I had mistaken for a horse: Hey.  *giggle*  Hey.  Hey.  Hey.  Turn around.

Chris: If you don't leave in two seconds, I promise I will fucking kill you.

SWIHMFAH: *is a pile o' bones*

I guess somebody didn't listen.

Grim: No, it was YOU.

Anyway, at this point half the kids were still "tortured souls" and their aspirations were in the green because they kept getting stupid wants like throwing another toga party (NO), growing a garden, and going skating.  Since I obviously needed to fulfill them some wants in order for them to function as human (sim) beings, I decided to indulge them in one of the three.

Orenji and Apricot: Sweet!  We're finally getting out of the house!

raemia's Claus Almassy(and yes, I had to put him in pink): Awww, what a lovely family!  Everyone gets along, no one's trying to kill each other, and it appears that there's little to no incest!  *sigh*  It must be truly paradise...


Claus: Yes, truuuuuuuuly paradise....I wish MY family was like this.

Sunset: Fuck these guys!  I don't wanna hang out with them in such a crappy place like this!

Well, considering I built it, you may have a point there.

And yes, in case you haven't guessed by now, they're going skating.  =p

Sunset: That's it.  I'm buying a cell phone so I can tell Jeffie to get his ass over here.  I shouldn't have to deal with this crap all alone.

Claus: Oh, miss?  Miss?  I would like to personally commend you for your lovely family!  May I possibly join someday?  ...Miss?  Miss?

Sunset: Jeffie, get over here, pronto.  Some fucking CREEP in a pink shirt is following me around and I'm getting freaked out.

Count Jeff: I'm on it!

Guys, it's fine!  It's CLAUS.  He's harmless!

Count Jeff: I came as soon as I could!

Sunset: Oh, Jeffie!  <3

Count Jeff: Oh, and you won't have to worry about that pink-shirted creep ever again...mwahaha...

Jeff, what did you do?!  ...Hey, I don't see Claus anywhere.  Jeff?  Jeff?!

Well, on a less...gory note, I guess, Apricot decided to permanently get out tortured souldom by rolling a jillion wants about her boyfriend, one of which was a BIG want.

Apricot: With the skate rental guys as my wittnesses, Jack...will you marry me?


Jack: Of course I will!

Apricot: Oh my god, I'm so happy!!!

Okay, now it's time for someone to spoil the moment like with Sunset and Jeff and Orenji and Chris.  ...Anybody?  .......No one?  Well, that's hardly fair.  

But anyway, my skating rink plan was still a success, and since all the kids were no longer tortured souls they were sent back home.

Yes, home sweet home.

Apricot: Hey, Chris.

Chris: 'Sup.

Chris' ass: I'm orange, get it?  Because it's the ORANGE generation!  Heh heh heh...

Orenji: Ohhhhhhh my god.  8D


Orenji: I have the best fiance EVER.

...You never noticed her doing this before?

Chris: Phew, that was quite a workout!  How are ya, sweetie?

Orenji: *sputters*  A-amaaaaaazing.  Hey, you know what we should do?  We should totally make out!

Chris: Yeah, we totally sh---

Sunset: Heyyyyy, guys, mind if I...study with you?  *snicker*

Orenji: No no no, don't you dare do this to me!!!!!!!!

Sunset: *does it*

Orenji: Why do you try to ruin my life like this?

Sunset: 'Cause it's fun, that's why.

Chris: Huh...?

Oh yeah, this is when I realized that doing the censoring with Paint would be so much easier.  Plus you get to see more.  ;]

Orenji: You know what, Chris?  Let's dance!

Chris: Okay!

Sunset: Whoa, man, she's radiating stink.  Are you sure you wanna do this?

Orenji: I've never been surer in my life!

Orenji: Heeheehee....glorious ass...

Chris: Um, Orenji, honey?  Wanna try dancing without grabbing my butt?

Orenji: No.  =D

...I may or may not have initiated the "lower hands" action. 

Why are you all alone?

Orenji: Oh, Chris got mad.

Well, that's understandable.  ...Hey, why are your hands under that desk?  What are you looking at on that computer?  Are you doing something inappropriate?

Orenji: No, of course not!  Who do you think I am, my dad?

Yes.  -_-

WHOA, what brought this on?  I know they're engaged and all, but still.  They've barely touched each other before now.

Chris: Ummm....does my drum playing really make people that horny?  o_o

Apricot: You know, Jack, now that we're engaged, I think we should start doing more...romantic stuff together.

Jack: Oh, sure!  What ever did you have in mind?  ;]

Apricot: Oh, something like this.  *grabs Jack's hand*

Jack: *gasp*  It's such a big step!


Orenji: Look at how my inspiration sleeps!  Such delicate heaves of her chest every time she breathes.  Yes, her full, full chest....mmm.

I don't think I'm okay with the idea of you stalking people.

Because it's not like I stalk you or anything, nope...  >.>

Orenji: Hey, is that a camera?  Why, what's that doing in here?

KII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Awwwwww, I've missed you so much!

Kii: I dunno if I should be here....last time I DID humiliate myself, after all...

Oh, stop.  You'll be fine.

Orenji: DADDY!!!!!!!!!!  <3  *cuddles*


Orenji: Hi, Daddy!  =3

Kii: Um, hi, son...So, uh, that's your fiance over there?

Orenji: Oh, there on the front porch?  Yep!  That's Chris.  You know, the chick Mom didn't want me to hang out with because she was a teenage hooker and all?

Kii: Oh.  Uh, I see.

Chris: *huff*  Gotta work on my glutes!  *huff*

Megan the maid: Seriously, working with these people just makes me feel so much better about myself, y'know?  I feel much more classy!

Now, Megan, why in the world would you be suggesting that the Nijis aren't classy?

Chris: Hi, Mr. Niji!  Long time no see!

Kii: *choke*  Um, boobs?

Oh.  Right.

Chris: Ohhhhhh no.  This fucking furry did not just come prancing into my house.

Llama: You bet your ass I did!  What are you going to do about it, huh?  Huh?

Chris: Hey, Jeff?  Jeff?

Llama: ...Who's Jeff?

Oh, you'll find out soon enough.

Count Jeff: *bites*

Llama: GACK!

Chris: Thanks, man.

Count Jeff: No prob.

Awww, how sweet.  He doesn't even need to be asked.  <3  I'm a little afraid to invite him to any weddings now though.

Well, look who we haven't seen since, what, the second update?  Seriously, we've only got you once.

Cute Delivery Girl: Hey, sounds like a domestic dispute or something happening on the front lawn.  You might wanna check that out.


WHOA.  What happened here?!  *assesses the situation*  Okay, so since the whore Prof. Brenda was always trying to autonomously hit on Chris and I kept cancelling that out, I guess she decided to move on to Orenji instead.  I checked his relationship panel and he was like -10 with her, so I'm GUESSING Brenda tried to grab herself a slice of his glorious ass without permission.  Unfortunately, though, Chris was right there and instead of applauding her fiance for being loyal, she decided to hate him forever.  Yep, it's just like old times!   Except this time Orenji did absolutely nothing wrong and he has no idea that Chris hates him again.  Let me tell you, during the rest of this...situation I felt like I was stepping on a MINEFIELD. 


Probably because he didn't.

Chris: *sniffle*  I can't believe he cheated on me...

Apricot: He didn't cheat on you.  Get over it.

Despite her heartbreak, Chris still is kind of an idiot and rolls want to see her horny professor and invite her over.  I only obliged this one time, and once I saw that she brought another professor friend over, I totally made her go home.

Because after all, this one won't try to ruin my plans for the generation spouse, and I can give her ~makeovers~.

Chris: You know Orenji, I really feel like slapping you right now.

Orenji: Oh my god, she's INTO that?!  =D

Um, I'm not sure if you fully understand the situation here.

Chris: Mmmm, I've missed you, babe.  I forgive you.

Orenji: Okay...?  *clueless*

Chris: But just so you never think about doing that to me again... *slices into his back with her special hooker nails*

Escort: Hey, looking for a good time?

Orenji: Nope, Chris warned me about this...  Ow, my back.

Well, HI there, Genesis.  How's it going in Idiot-land with you and Fanta?

Genesis: Please, please, please let us give birth!  Our backs are KILLING us! 

Too bad.  You'll just have to wait until a spare update or something.

Speaking of spares, look who's going on her first date!  <3

 Apricot and Jack: Mmmmph!

Uh, well then.  o_o  I guess they're slowly edging into the non-prude territory.  I guess it's just as well, considering they'll be married soon...
Apricot: Do me.  Now.

Jack: What was that?

Apricot: I said DO ME. 

Okay, maybe they're not edging into that territory as slowly as I thought.


But who am I to deny this to two former prudes?

Wow, looks like SOMEBODY was already prepared...

And what better time for Crumplebottom to show up than when these two former prudes are just finishing up?  =D

Mrs. Crumplebottom: Young man, what you just did in there was indecent!  Why in God's name were you not wearing a suit?!

Jack: Wait, you don't care that we just had se---

Apricot: Jack, SHUT UP...

He'll be the typical clueless Niji husband.  =3

Orenji: *smirk*

Orenji: I just graduated, bitches!  Now come to my party!

I have to say, it doesn't feel like they've been in college that long.  And I didn't even get bored enough to use the College Adjuster!  I must really love these guys.  :'D


And that's all you'll get to see of it, because the party totally sucked, and not in a good way where things were actually interesting and drama-filled.  Guess I spoke too soon about not being bored.

Look who's all grown up!  XD

Nice tightie whities.  Pfft. 

Brittany the creepy-ass bus taxi driver: Orenji!  I thought I'd never see you again!

Orenji: Heyyyyy!  How's it goin', Brit-Brit?

Brittany the creepy-ass bus taxi driver: ...You've changed.  T^T

And so have his siblings!  Time for makeovers!

I wasn't too happy with how Apricot looked in her natural hair color, so I changed it.  You'll get to see her new hair and clothes in either the next update or whenever I put everybody up for download.

In the background:

Fanta and Genesis: *totally whore all over each as usual*

radiationpoison's Asher Quagmeyer: I never thought I'd be lucky enough to have two hot lesbians move in next door.... *happy tears*

Sunset, however, looks stunning as a blonde, in my opinion.

I moved Chris into some random house and gave her a shorter 'do and appropriately colored clothing, so after her all that left was...Orenji.

Yeah, it's not much of a makeover, I know. I really liked his young adult look, so I wanted him to keep it.  But hey, at least you've got him wearing the least fitting (for him) orange shirt that I had.  In case you can't quite see it, it says "obey."  In the mane of a lion.  You just feast on that.

Well, that's it for this update!  Next time you'll see more of the sexy cowboy lion! 

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Hahaha, hilarious update, as always! :D

Orenji and Chris were so full of drama before it’s surprising to see them as one of those annoying couples who have to tell everybody how happy they are with each other. But I’m happy for Orenji though. He’s just so precious!

I love how prude Jack is. In my game I introduced him to one of my town bicycles (then again, pretty much all of my sims are sluts, so...) and it didn’t take him long to woo(hoo) Jack...so seeing him all timid and prude is so funny! XD

I’m kinda relieved now I don’t have NL...for while having vampires must be fun but I don’t want one to go berserk with my sims... :/

Brittany is back!!! Aw, Brittany don’t let it make you sad Orenji’s all grown up now cuz it means he’s going to have kids..........man, I’m just a plain old perv whenever it’s about sims *cough*

The repairman is SEXAY! Oh gawd! Did he have some glorious ass? ;)

Prof. Brenda made me giggle so much! Desperate much? :p

I love how you did all of this gen’s censors with something orange...I have to admit I didn’t notice before in previous updates...I’m kinda slow... -.-°

That one pic of Orenji’s nipples and ab nearly had me faint, for real! *____*

Awww, thanks! <3

I know, I was totally expecting those two to give me a lot more crap about being together than they actually did! XD

Heh, I'd like to meet a slutty Jack someday...Slutty sims are the best. ;]

I dunno, I'd never seen a vampire autonomously munch on other humans that weren't playables of mine until now. Maybe Jeff just gets bored or something, because most of the vampires I've gotten are pretty calm.

Hey, I'm the one taking pictures of my sim kids on the toilet and all! ;] But Brittany's probably going to show up more soon due to the wonders of SimPE, and that's all I'll say for now...

You bet he did! =D ...He still stole their money, though, that bastard. >=| He's hotter than their other repairman, though, so I think I forgive him. XD

Apparently. o_o Seriously, though, I had to cancel out soooooo many actions! She just was hell-bent on trying to fondle Chris, I guess. I kind of want to invite her to Chris and Orenji's wedding, just to stir some shit up. It'd suck for them but be hilarious for me! XD

Yeeees, invite her!!! What's Sims without the drama AI works? XD My NPCs never are so weird, I'm jealous.

But damn you and your little hints. Now you've got me all excited and worked up about the next update. Is it with Brittany in it already? Is it? Is it? Is it? Damn, I want SimPE, too but I'm too scared about fucking my game up (even more). I'm really good at that (which is the reason for lack of update on my own page -.-°).

It's odd, but my NPCs were always normal, just doing their jobs and stuff, until I started doing this legacy. I guess once they know they're on camera they try to ham it up a bit! ;]

Wellllllll, you'll find out whenever I post the next update, mwahahaha! >=D

I actually just installed it on Tuesday, and I was scared out of my mind too. DX I'm always afraid I'm gonna screw up my computer with this game, and I even was scared in the beginning to download any CC! But I guess as long as you're careful and don't go overboard with it things will be fine. =] Like, I only use SimPE to export sims and stuff, and I don't mess with the stats and names of people at all, because I'm sure I would cause my game to completely crash and burn by doing that. -_-

Unless your computer has absolutely no space or something I think SimPE would probably be safe for it. You just have to make sure your computer has this before you download it, and I think that then you'd just get the newest version here.

Orenji's grown up so much! He's graduated college, and now he's gonna get married? This is too much for me! I'm (still) so excited he and Chris are together though. IN YOUR FACE BRITTANY!

And oh my god, Apricot!! I can't believe what the hell came out of her mouth at the end! Go Apricot, down with prudeness! And LOL at both Fanta and Genesis being pregnant. Have fun with that spare update! ;D

Hahaha, poor Claus! I like the shirt you put him in, he looks good in pink! :D Too bad Sunset didn't want to have anything to do with him!

I'm excited too! They're just so damn ridiculous together, I love both of them! XD Brittany's gonna have it shoved in her face even MORE next update, if that's even possible. Poor thing.

Haha, she totally surprised me by the end of college! Before that date she was all, "Oh, let me give Jack a hug" or "Can I play kicky bag with Jack?" But then after she kissed him....um, yeah. o_O And knowing Fanta and Genesis, they'll BOTH give me quads. *sigh* But I guess that'd make upcoming spare updates more interesting!

Claus was totally cracking me up! XD He just kept smiling like he was made out of pure sunshine and rainbows, and then when he followed Sunset he had "Admire" in his queue for about five minutes. Poor guy just isn't used to siblings not beating up on each other!

The only tortured soul in this update was the repairman. Seriously. HIS EYES TELL OF HORRORS NO SIM SHOULD SEE.
Probably from repairing things broken by college students doing who knows what to them. XD

I'd let him cry on my shoulder ANY day! UNPH! ;D Oh god, college students...I'm sure he's had to unplug numerous toilets because of the unfortunate results of the munchies. *shudder*

Thanks for reading! <3

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