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The Niji Legacy 2.7

Hi, pohtaytohs here!  Last time, Fanta and her childhood friend Genesis had just aged up into teenagers, so I took the opportunity to try out some plans with them.  Surprisingly, they took a liking to each other, therefore being the first sims I've ever had that have complied with my plans.  (And yes, I do have to italicize the word plans every time I talk about my plans.)  Anyway, Genesis turned out to be the only one who could find Fanta's grilled cheese fetish bearable, much to the confusion of Orenji and Chris.  After the party Sunset invited over her smexy vampire manmeat Jeff, who turned her into a vampire right on the spot so as to give the two of them more screentime.  Needless to say, Kii was not pleased and quickly called over Alice the matchmaker so she could give his daughter an antidote.  As well as not appreciating Sunset's relationship, he also was not terribly fond of Fanta's with Genesis.  The very next day we had another birthday, this time the one non-clone girl, (thanks to whysimswhy and raemia) Apricot's.  Almost as soon as she aged up into an adorable child, I sent Orenji off to college to ensure that I would not take 97539857349857349857 pictures of him like I normally do.  He aged up into a manly man cowboy.  In his absence the other kids all thought that they now had a chance at being heir, because apparently they don't know how legacies work and thought that their brother being sent off to college meant that he was out of the running.  (Psh, NO.)  Once I informed the kids of this they decided to give up and become boring, so not much else happened.  I mean, Apricot abused her mother's podium, Genesis and Fanta started dating, Apricot and Sunset became besties, and Kii began to get fairly close to achieving his LTW, but...yeah, that was about it until I sent Sunset off to join her brother while Kii was at work, causing him to be super pissed at me when he got home.  Finally Apricot aged up into a teenager, and I was finally able to send her, Fanta, Chris (no longer a prostitute), and Genesis off to college!  When we left off, I'd just left you guys with a not terribly difficult heir poll!

Okay.  So.  I'm not terribly experienced with making polls on LJ, so I thought, "Ooh, I'll make it so only I can see the results, that way when I'm ready to post the next update I can totally reveal them and make it seem all dramatic, mwahaha!"  ............  Yeah, turns out you can't do that.  Oops.  But this heir poll wasn't terribly dramatic at ALL, so I guess I wouldn't have needed to do that anyway.  -_-  But oh well, I'll give the results here and just know better next time!

So our next heir is..............................................

ORENJI!  Okay, who's actually surprised?  I guess that's what happens when your parents are fucking BARREN right after you're born so I certain people have no choice but to focus on you from the start.  He got 5 votes.  So, how's it feel, Orenji?

Orenji: Bitch, I'm the GREATEST!  Awwwwww yeah, this cowboy will be around to lasso your attention for another generation!  Umph!  *flex*

Yup, he's a douchey college kid, alright.  Just ignore him for now.

Orenji: HEY!

Apricot here got 1 vote...

Apricot: Aww, that's alright!  At least I'll always be remembered as the pretty one!  *fist pump*  BOOYAH!  =D

You need to stop acting like your brother.

...and so did Fanta.

Fanta: Eh, s'all good.  S'all good.  I'm cool with that.

Sunset: So...?  How many votes did I get?  =3

Um, none.

Sunset: WHAT?!  I call bullshit!  I DEMAND A RECOUNT!!!!!

Okay......yup, none.

Sunset: Ugh, this sucks.  >=[

So, Chris?  How do you feel about the HEIR?  =D

Chris: Ummmmm...........meh.

Oh, really?

SAY, look over here, Chris!  There's this bottle of Koolaid  that's practically calling your name!  Come and check it out!

Chris: Hmmm, that's weird.  I wonder why it was laying on the floor like that...?  That seems kind of shady.

Just drink it.

Chris: Is that just me, or is it glowing?

Nope, not at all.  >.>

Chris: WHOA.  OwO  That was some damn good Koolaid!

Genesis: ...Idiot.

Just pretend that gray, rainy sky is a ceiling, because it's almost impossible sometimes to capture certain things (i.e. Chris' orgasm face) without completely changing the pitch of the camera.  *sigh*

How do you feel about Orenji now?

Chris: Holy crap!  It's suddenly really hard for me to keep it in my pants!  *knees buckle*

Good enough, I guess.

Chris: Pssst!  Psssst!  Genesis!

Genesis: ...What?

Chris: Does my hair look okay?

Genesis: Yeah, it's fine....why?

Chris: I just wanna make sure I look nice when I go talk to Orenji over there.

Genesis: ...Since when have you cared?

Chris: Hey, Orenji, I wanna tell you a secret.

Orenji: Um, okay....  Is she high?

She's high on you, so in a sense, yes.

Chris: You're as hot as your dad, and your dad's smokin'! 

Orenji: Really?  You really mean that?

Chris: Of course!  Why would I lie?

Orenji: Well, I dunno...I just thought you still only liked brunettes and all...

Chris: Oh, trust me, I'm waaaaaaay over that.

Orenji: =D...?  *hopeful and confused*

Orenji: Does this mean I'll ever get a chance to touch this lucious melons, then?  Yumyumyum!  >;D

Chris: Okay, I'm leaving now.

Wow, way to blow it, Orenji.

Orenji: I'm just doing what I do best!

Chris: What the hell are you looking at, asshole?!  Take a fucking picture; it'll last longer! 

Llama: I'm not looking at you.  These eyes are just painted on.  They kind of always seem like they're staring at people, sorry.

Chris: I DON'T CARE!  Get outta here before I beat your stupid ass, you fucking furry!

Well, looks like someone's drugs have worn off.  -_-

On another pleasant note, it's now time to kill all the uggos in the dormitory!  =D

Uggo: *sigh*  I hope no one realizes that I'm an uggo...

Hey, thanks for letting me know!

Uggo: Shit.

Hey, WAIT a minute!  How the hell are you still alive?!

Dormie: Oh, that's Emily.  She's kind of immortal or something.

Well, not for long...


Dormie: Y'know, maybe that was Brenda who became immortal.  I can't really remember.


Awwwww, is someone a widdle cwanky?  >=3

Chris: You BET I'm cranky.  People are dying left and right, there are fucking furries in the dorm, and to top it off, I'm suddenly incredibly attracted to the guy I sort of hate the most!  Bitch, you're lucky I'm not going on a shooting spree right now instead of just being a little "cwanky".

....Yup, the drugs have definitely worn off.

Orenji: Mind if I sit here?

Chris: Of course, teehee!  ^////^

I thought you were upset about liking him.

Chris: Well, if I'm gonna like a stupid, sexy cowboy, then I might as well enjoy it, right?

Apricot: Fanta, are you sure we should've left them all by themselves over there?  What if they feel....excluded?  =[

And you're the one with only four nice points how...?

Fanta: Trust me on this: they need their alone time.  I can feel a sexy storm a-comin'!  ;]

Orenji: ...You guys know we can hear you perfectly from over here, right?  =l


I was originally thinking about giving the dorm room with the coffin to Sunset for obvious reasons, but since Fanta's the... eccentric one I let her have it. 

Orenji: I miss Daddy!  I'm gonna call him and tell him allllllllllllllllllllll about college!

Go right ahead.

Orenji: ...I love my daddy.  <3

I only left him alone for, like, two seconds so I could go check on his sisters.  When I came back, he had this despondent look on his face.  What happened, bud?

Orenji: Daddy wasn't home.

Awww, why don't you go talk to Chris?  I bet she could cheer you up.

Or not.

Chris: Okay, I know something went on with you and Orenji!  So you need to just STAY AWAY from him, do you hear me?!

Tammy: What the hell are you talking about?  I've only spoken to him, like, once.


Look, Chris, I don't think you're gonna have any problems with Orenji looking at other girls (*cough*because the human Adonis isn't a girl*cough*).  He seems pretty devoted to you and all even though you're not officially dating.


Orenji: Here's to the ever so lovely Chris, for not beating my ass anymore and actually giving me a chance with her!  =D

Chris: Awww, you're right!  I am totally awesome!  Right, Apricot?

Apricot: Yup....That whore needs to put on some damn clothes for once.

Sunset: You know what I've always wanted to try with Jeffie, Apricot?  Bondage! 

Apricot: Yeah, I guess bondage is okay, but I bet S&M is even better!

Sunset: Ooh, really?

Orenji: *choke*  Suddenly I'm not so hungry anymore.  ...I wish I had a brother.

The Nijis' meals are always classy!  =D

Sunset: Ugh, seriously?!  Why the hell are you calling here?!

Kii: Well, your mom told me that Orenji tried to call me earlier and I just wanted to---

Sunset: Too bad!  Orenji's not here!  D=<

Orenji: What about me?  Has Daddy called back yet?


Why are you so adverse to members of your family calling you?

Ohhhhh, yes!  It's what you've all been waiting for!  ;D

Chris: Look.....I know I sometimes kind of hate you and all, but...lately I just can't stop thinking about you.  Will you go on a date with me?

Orenji: *gasp*  I thought you'd never ask!  *ahem*  Will you be going in that lovely panty choice of yours?

Chris: ...No.  =l

Orenji: Oh.  Well, I'm still up to going anyway!


Awww, dancing in the moonlight by an exotic restaurant?  How romantic!

Of course, the presence of Pubey McPuberson makes the whole occasion even more sweet and sophisticated.  Why on earth would it not?

Maitre d: I'm afraid I have to ask you to leave our restaurant, sir.

Pubey McPuberson: What?  Why the hell I gotta leave?

Maitre d: Well, in all honestly, your attire is not completely....compliant with our dress code. 

Good thing Chris didn't show up in her underwear, then.

Pubey McPuberson: Then how come you get to wear that stupid-ass shit in your hair?  That's not part of the dress code.

Maitre d: Bitch, I work here!  Now get out!

Meanwhile, outside things seem to be going pretty well.

Chris: I'm impressed, Orenji!  This is actually a pretty good date!  You're really fun to hang out with!

Orenji: I try my best.

And now that they've shown me how mature they can be when they want to, they decide to start being totally ridiculous.  *sigh*

Looks like the others in this eatery aren't terribly pleased, either.

Waitress: ...Idiots.

rikkulidea's Amin Goss: Well, that's definitely not sanitary.  They're getting feathers all over the food.  =l

Santa Claus: These assholes aren't getting any presents from me this year.

Maitre d: Why do I always get the shifts with the weirdoes?

Chris: Orenji, I had a great time with you tonight.

Amin: Hi!  =D  *photobombs*

Orenji: R-really?  =3

Chris: Of course I did!  In fact, I wanna give you a little something as a thank-you.


Because right after you kiss a guy you just have to grab yourself a slice of his glorious ass.

Orenji: This is gonna be such an easy lay.  *smirk*

Chris: *oblivious*

Yeah, I'm pretty surprised too about that.  I kind of thought she'd put up more of a fight or something.  I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed.  =/

Wait a minute, what?!  No, no, that can't be right.... The color of the hearts must just look weird against that wall or something.  Yeah, that must be it!

Santa Claus: The hearts don't lie, sista.

Dammit, they really don't.  How did this happen so fast?!  You guys are only in your first semester of your freshman year!  Now what am I supposed to do for the rest of your time in college?!

Seriously, though, before that date their lifetime relationship score was around 30.  They gained over 40 POINTS during this one date!  Ugh.

I sent them home right after that, because all the wants they rolled were to get engaged and to have sex, and quite frankly, they'd already moved fast enough for one night. 

Orenji: Hello, my wonderful sister!  =D  Red hands?

Sunset: Oh, sure!  So where have you been for the past few hours?  I wanted to study with you but I couldn't find you anywhere.

Orenji: Oh, Chris and I were on a date.

Sunset: Wait, what?  You and Chris?  I thought you guys hated each other.

Orenji: Nope.  We're in love.

Sunset: o_o  ...I really feel like I've missed something here.

So do I, and I saw the whole thing happen.

Orenji: I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!  *twirl*

Good god.  You guys are gonna starting shitting pure sugar and sweetness if you keep acting like this.

Chris: Hey, so, um, I know I've never talked to you before because you're old and gross and stuff, but I just needed to tell somebody!

Creepy Pregnant Man: Go ahead, dollface.  ;]

Chris: I'M IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  <3  <3  <3  <3  8D

Creepy Pregnant Man: ...Oh.  =[

Genesis: Wow, just completely ignore your friend who's standing right over here...

Hey, love hurts.  Deal with it.

Oh, by the way, in case you're wondering why there isn't very much dormie spam...


Xavier: I think I just ate a maggot.  DX

Going to your final in your thong?  I think you need to start picking up some non-hookerish tendencies.

Chris: Hey, I was a highly-requested prostitute for a loooooong time.  It's kinda hard to change, y'know?

Prof. Marsha (Marsha Bruneig, lol!): Why did I even come to this wretched establishment?!

To befriend Apricot, whose grades are rather low because she rarely rolls wants related to academics.  Why, what's wrong?


Chris: Wheeeeeee, half-naked pillow fight!  =D

Fanta: Damn, I'm gettin' pretty sweaty.  Maybe I should take my shirt off.

Chris: Go right ahead!  No one's looking.  ;]

Genesis: I play winner.  *licks lips*

Guyyyyyyys, you're gonna scare her away!

Then I remembered that this dorm has a stupid glitch where whenever a professor is invited over, they disappear inside the building and go into random people's dorm rooms, so what those three were doing on the front lawn didn't even end up mattering anyway.  I felt kinda bad for Apricot so I let her be friends with the furry llama instead.

Fanta: Hey, sir?  Sir?  I really respect what you do and all, but most of your food kind of tastes like shit.  I think you should just stick to grilled cheese from now on, mmkay?

Creepy Pregnant Man:
Wow, considering it's my job to take overpriviledged students' orders, I don't see why not!  =D

Fanta just pulled some Jedi mind tricks there.  Or influence, whatever.

Tammy: Oh my god, what is she doing?!  O_O


Oh.  Look, I know you guys don't like each other very much, but I don't see Chris really doing anything wrong.

Tammy: Just look down.  -_-

Okay, but I still don't understand----OH GOD!

Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!  Why the hell are you naked?!

Chris: ...I forgot my swimsuit inside and I didn't really feel like walking all the way back to my room to go get it.


Wow, because propostioning each other in a dorm restroom is just soooo romantic.  Seriously, what's wrong with all of you?!

Prof. Marsha: I dunno, I think it's pretty hot.

Weren't you a tightass just yesterday?

Prof. Marsha: Eh, I learned to loosen up a bit after seeing how happy all these people here were.

Have you stayed here all day?

Prof. Marsha: You bet I did.

After that, she kinda just hung around for about three more days.  I was pretty sad when she left, because I'd gotten used to her wandering around the place in that swimsuit, eating all the food.  =[

Chris: Why *poke* are *poke* you *poke* still here, bitch?!

Tammy: I live here!  I have nowhere else to go!  T^T

Apricot: Hey, blonde chick!  If she's still beating up on you by the time I'm a lawyer, I can help put her away for assault! 

Tammy: T-thanks!  *sob*

Seriously, all their romantic interactions are by that bathroom.

Oh hoho, maybe not all of them!  ;D

Fanta: You know what we should do?  *sexy whisper*

Genesis: I'm up for it if you are.

And Fanta is officially the first Niji kid to lose her virginity!  Congratulations!

Genesis: I'm not quite sure if I'm so ready for this kind of thing, but I love you so I'll try my best.  =]

What are you guys talking about?  You already had sex...

~Baby Chime~


And so now this whole unexpected pregnancy thing has convinced me that these two aren't gonna do squat together until they're out of college.  Not that this seems to bother them all that much.

With all of Fanta's grilled cheese platters, all the kids are in danger of getting pudgy...except for Fanta, oddly enough.

Orenji: Wait, so how does this workout work?  I put one hand on the ground and thrust my groin into the air like this?

Yup, yup....just like that.  *drool*

Fanta: We're all out of food.  The food is all gone.  There is no food to be found.  I NEED FOOD.  WHERE IS THE FOOD, DAMMIT?!

I have a feeling as to which of the girls is pregnant.

Oh, look!  It's her again!

Non-Cute Delivery Girl: Aw, crap, I didn't realize this was the same awful family.  Maybe I should just leave...

No, don't go!  Kathleen doesn't live here and Sunset's at class.  You're safe.

Fanta: Ohhhhhhhhhh my god!  FOOD!  8DDDDDDDDDD  Thank you so much!

Non-Cute Delivery Girl: I think I like this one.

Chris never starts up shit with anyone except for Tammy.  Seriously, it has to be jealousy or something.

Sunset: JEFFIE!  It's been two years!  Why the hell haven't you called me?!

Count Jeff: I kept calling your house, but you never picked up....

Sunset: Didn't you think to call my dorm?

Count Jeff: Oh.

And so it was time to let the poor, neglected couple go on a date!

Sunset: Damn!  That fine ass has gotten even better in two years!

Count Jeff: Where are we going?  I don't recognize this place.

Count Jeff: A '50s diner?  =l

Sunset: Yeah, they have really good burgers here.  Why, what's wrong with a '50s diner?

Count Jeff: Well, this is our first date since you're legal now.  In Twilight, Bella and Edward's first date was in an Italian restaurant.  I thought that was the kind of relationship we were going for here.

Sunset: Wait, you read Twilight?  

Count Jeff: Of course!  It's my favorite series!

Sunset: ...  O_O

Count Jeff: What?  What's wrong?

Sunset: Guys aren't supposed to like Twilight!  This might be a deal-breaker.

Sunset: But I really love you, so...

Count Jeff: *quiet gasp*  What are you saying?

Sunset: Jeff Cooper, will you---

Suzie the waitress: Heyyyyyyy, how's everyone doing here tonight?  Can I take your orders?

Count Jeff: Oh, I'd like the blood sausage please.

Suzie the waitress: Alright, blood sausage, got it.  And for the lady...?

Sunset: Jeffie, pay attention!

Count Jeff: Oh, sorry.  What was that?

Sunset: Will you marry me?


Suzie the waitress: Miss?  Miss!  You still haven't given me your order yet!  I don't have all night!

She'll have a burger, now go the fuck away.  You're spoiling the ~moment~.

Hey, she actually left! 

So while her younger sister was the first one to get some, Sunset was the first one to get some....commitment!  (See what I did there?  Wow, that was bad.)

Sunset gave Jeff a diamond so he gave her a DJ booth.  I guess that's a fair trade.


My instincts were right.

Yup, definitely right.

Sunset: How is that even possible?

With InTeen, anything's possible.

I'm not planning on dealing with a pregnant sim in college, especially in only the second generation!


Fanta: I dunno.  I was just lighting myself a smoke when all this confetti showered over me...I guess confetti's flammable.

Uh, you bet it is!  It singed off your beautiful curls!  T^T  Also, no more smokes for you, preggo.

Fanta: Awww...

Chris: Bye!  See you around!  =]

Genesis: Hey, wait!  Where the hell are you going?!  Don't just leave me here!!!

Sorry, Genesis.  You'll see her again soon enough, I promise.

Fanta: Goodbye, everyone!  I love you all!  *waddles off into oblivion*

Just for your information, "oblivion" is now officially a house where I'm gonna dump all the generation 2 spares and their spouses.  ;]

Also, I've decided that the spares will go back to their natural hair color!  Fanta as a blonde seems a little weird to me, but I think I'll get used to it.

In addition to dying her hair back, Fanta has also started wearing girdles or really tight spandex or something, because I can't sense a baby bump anywhere.  >=[

Anyway, back at the dorm, this is Fanta's replacement.  I'm a little confused, considering I thought she already lived here.

Everyone's been a little tense since Fanta left, probably because now they'll never be able to eat LSD-coated grilled cheese ever again.

To ease this tension, have your nipple shot for the update!  Just pretend the shower water is a cascading waterfall...  <3

What?  Little ol' Apricot's finally showing some romantic interest? 

Maybe she just finally hit puberty.

Um, Sunset...?  You're making grilled cheese?  Autonomously?  Not even your Grilled Cheese sim sister did that...

Sunset: I just missed having it all the time is all...

So Apricot was constantly fawning over Fanta's replacement and this one guy, whose name is Jack.  I figured I'd let her decide who she should hang with by looking at her wants, so eventually she ended up choosing Jack.

Jack is really polite, by the way.

He didn't run for his life, even when Apricot was approaching him looking like this.

Xavier: Okay, I've only got until she wakes up to do what I'm planning on doing...

STRANGER DANGER.  Bet he never guessed that I can read sim minds.  >=3  *cancels "sleeping" out of Sunset's queue*

Sunset: Unh...?  Wuzzat?  >.<

Xavier: Shit, mission aborted.  *leaves*

Apricot: You know, Jack, we've been hanging out awhile, and, well...I've kind of been wanting to do something naughty with you.

Jack: Oh, really?  What did you have in mind?

Apricot: Well, it's gonna be cold, wet, I'll be handling balls....and there'll be a lot of white stuff, if you catch my drift.  *cough*not cocaine though*cough*  ;]

Jack: Ohhhhhh!  I think I know what you're getting at!  I'm in!

Yup.  This is totally what you were expecting, wasn't it?

Apricot: Eat snow, bitch!  >=D

Jack: Not if I make you eat it first!  Mwahahahahaha!

Apricot: You know, most guys would've thought I was talking about something else...  I'm glad you're not a pervert.

Jack: Of course I'm not!  What else could you have even been referring to besides a snowball fight?!

These two are sort of meant for each other.  They're both so clean.

Everyone got on the dean's list for the first semester of their sophomore year, so they finally made enough money to be able afford this Greek house!  (Why, yes, that's totally a Maxis house.  I still can't build for shit.)

Apricot: Hey, Jack!  Wanna come over to my new place?  We can have some fun...  Yeah, we have our own TV and everything!  How'd you guess?  =D

Still prudes.

To make up for not exactly being prudes, Orenji and Chris decided to christen the new house for me.  Thanks, guys.

It looks like Apricot and Jack had the same idea!

Oh, wait, now they're christening the house.  My bad.

One of the many good things about the Nijis' move to the Greek house is that now they can invite over professors without them disappearing!  =D  I'm especially happy about this one, because I think he's pretty attractive.  He's definitely marrying in someday.

And he brought this chick over!  Dammit, why couldn't it be the green generation already?!  She's so pretty!

Apricot: Hmm, I wonder if this is alright to eat...

What the hell?  Where'd you even get that from?

Apricot: Oh, I dunno...I just kinda found it lying around.  Hmmm, what is this green stuff on the top?  It smells weird.

Put that down.  -_-

Another good thing about Greek houses, besides the smexy professors and the free moldy pizza is that since there are tubs now, I get to see the kids do this again!  Good times...

The bad thing, though, is that the house is so big I can't keep track of all the messes, so I had to have them hire a maid.  Weird, I didn't even know that my game had even spawned female maids.  I guess that just didn't occur to me, considering Carl is the maid at almost every single house I've ever played in my game.

And of COURSE I went for the butt shot.  Would you expect any different from me?

Another bad thing is that the kids spam me with stupid-ass wants that I don't really wanna fulfill.  For example, one of these was a toga party.  After about two sim-days of them whining about wanting to have one, I finally gave in.  Then it turned out that only the person who actually picked up the phone and invited everybody got the want fulfilled, so the whole thing was just a big waste.

Why, oh why, did I have Sunset invite so many people?!  And why didn't I zoom in more?!  Oh, right, there were so many people that my game was lagging like crazy and it took almost two minutes just to get across the screen.  *sigh*

Well, here's everybody from (sort of) left to right: Count Jeff, Genesis and Orenji (who just got back from class), some professor wearing a beanie, Competent Nanny, some dormie, Fanta, Tammy, Kii, another professor, and Shenene.

And here's the second round of people: Jack, radiationpoison's Henry Blossom-Quagmeyer, the previously mentioned manmaid Carl, Kathleen, Craig (the cashier whose confidence Sunset totally took a crap on), Audrey, and sea_serpent's Ekans Scallywag.  Whew!

Tammy: Just so you know, your girlfriend's been making my life a living hell.

Orenji: I'm sorry.

Tammy: It's so weird, but she thinks that there's something going on between you and me...

Orenji: Huh.  That is weird.

Tammy: But there is nothing going on, right?

Orenji: Right.

Tammy: ...Let's do it on the stove, right next to that salmon of yours.

Orenji: Go away.

KII?????!!!!  What the fuck?!

Yeah, you better be embarrassed!  It's the first time anybody's ever pissed their pants in my game (without my assistance), and it's not even anybody I can CONTROL!  I'm ashamed of you, mister, completely humiliating your kids at their first college party...see if I ever have them invite you again.

Kii: I'm soooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!  T^T

Fanta: Jesus, Dad.  I'm the one who's pregnant, and you're the one who wets his pants in front of everyone?

Kii: Get outta the way.  I'm LEAVING!!!!!  God, I could just DIE...

Okay, now I feel kinda bad.

Orenji: Well, look who decided to show their face around here!  It's the bitch who turned me down five years ago!

Shenene: First of all, your sister invited me.  Second of all, I only did it because I'm a decent human being.  I wasn't interesting in having any affairs with a fifteen-year-old.

Orenji: Oh, sure, make me out to be the bad guy!  Just for that, congratulations!, you get to clean my house!

Shenene: But---


Shenene: *sigh*  Fine, if it'll make you shut up.

Jedi mind tricks are still abundant in the Niji household.

The party kind of sucked the entire time, so you get to be spared and have the toga spam end here!  =D

Orenji: What the hell is all this?  I wake up starving, and all you'll let me have is fucking juice?

Hey, your fittness bar is right on the edge of "fatso".  You don't want that, do you?

Chris: UGH.  CLASSES ARE KILLING ME.  I need a break!  I need human interaction, dammit!

Then go talk to someone.  It's not my job to fulfill your needs that don't mean the difference between life and death.

Chris: Well, I'm too lazy to get off my ass, so....  Ooh, Chat Roulette!  This place seems cool!  =D

Um, I'd highly recommend that you get off that site IMMEDIATELY...

Chris: Hey, don't tell me what to do!

Suit yourself.

One brain-scarring minute later...

Orenji: HERE'S the love of my life's glorious ass!  >=D  Oh, how I've missed you!  *grabby*

Chris: GYAAAAA!  Damn, you scared me!  Don't EVER do something like that to me again!

Orenji: What's wrong, my sugar plum?  =<

Chris: So many middle-aged men masturbating...  *shudder*

So how does Chris try to put the awful images out of her mind?  By tormenting the only Niji kid she's not friends with yet, of course!

Chris: Hey, you know what I heard?  Apricot hates Twilight.  She's just pretending to like it so she won't hurt your feelings...how pathetic!

Sunset: Nuh uh!  EVERYONE loves Twilight, especially my baby sister!  She'd never betray me like that, right, pohtaytohs?

Uh, well, actually...

Actually, LJ found it completely impossible to include the last sixteen pictures in this post, so you'll just have to go to this little doodad here if you wanna see the rest of the update!  Sorry, guys!  =[

Sunset: Hey, wait!  You didn't answer my question!  Get back here!  D=<

o_o  *flees*

Sunset: HEYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

The link to the last little part is right here, just in case you missed it the first time. Thanks!

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I was going to comment on the last bit, but this entry is all alone.

Count Jeff really matches the 50's diner decor. XD
And that expression of boredom and existential dread ("Oh great a diner? Lovely. Just lovely. What next? Is the Fonz going to stroll in here any minute now and smack the jukebox around? Because if he does, I'm gone.) is totally UNF.

And I love Xavier. He's like the dopey meathead token fratboy everyone needs in their sim!college experience.
He whould show up at random times all like "Books are like paper sandwiches, brah. Y'know what I'm sayin'?"

Aww, how sweet! This entry feels so loved now! XD

He really does! =o He's got the slicked-back hair and everything... And I agree, Jeff is pretty damn sexy! ;]

Xavier totally cracks me up!!! Whenever I play a lot with a bubble blower he's always the first one there, so he fits the stoner persona perfectly! Also, I'm so happy that he's not fugly like all of the other dormies...it'd be a shame to have to kill him. >=]

Thank you for reading~!

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