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The Niji Legacy 2.6

Hi, pohtaytohs here!  Last time, Sunset had just aged up into a teenager and I had some...plans to try out with her and her aged-up friend, Audrey.  These plans crashed and burned, because it turned out that Audrey was a germaphobe and not even into chicks.  Since Sunset now had nobody to ~love~ I sent her out to a community lot, where she found Count Jeff.  Things went well between them, because Sunset is obsessed with Twilight and apparently Count Jeff is obsessed with finding a mate that understands him....as well as teenage girls.  Meanwhile, Kathleen kept creeping on the really cute delivery girl, Orenji kept pissing me off, and Fanta brought home the cutie Genesis from school.  Apricot aged up soon after, proving that she is the one Niji child that actually offers some genetic diversity.  Right around this point in time I got really bored so I invited Chris over to see if she and Orenji could patch things up.  Amazingly, things actually started looking up for them; by the time that Chris went home that night, she and Orenji were no longer enemies and their relationship score was on its way out of the negatives.  The next day, Chris got a cute makeover, Kathleen finally got her career reward which was heavily abused by certain children (*cough*Fanta*cough*), and Sunset had her first kiss with Count Jeff.  Later on Fanta and Genesis became friends as well as an old married couple, and to my surprise Chris and Orenji did too.  When we left off, Fanta had just aged up into a grilled cheese lovin' teenager and I was planning on trying out the same... plans with her and Genesis.

Here's a better shot of her makeover!  See, she's pretty, but if her makeover wasn't so much different than Sunset's, I'm pretty sure they'd look exactly alike.  Those two are the real clones here.

Since Genesis didn't come over to the party for some reason, I had to invite her over so I could try out my plan!

Fanta: Soon, my pretty, you will be all mine....Yes, all mine...

Genesis: *sniiiiiiiiiff*  Mmmmmm, your hair smells like grilled cheese.  I love grilled cheese.

Perfect match right here, amirite?

Oh my god, she's so cute!!!

OH MY GOD, SHE'S GORGEOUS!  Fanta, you better like her!  I mean it!

Fanta: Just gimme a fucking second to finish this game!  JESUS CHRIST.

Wow, you get really serious about your video games, don't you?

Fanta: You bet your ass I do!  Now get outta the way of the damn screen!

Didn't she used to be nice, Kathleen?

Kathleen: *sigh*  Yep....yep.

Fanta: Hey, I'm still nice!

Kathleen: Sure you are.

Yes.  Yes!  YES!  One of my plans has finally worked!!!  Huzzah!

Fanta: You know, Genesis, I have to admit...you mean the world to me.  Even more than grilled cheese.

Genesis: Awwwww!  That's so sweet!

Chris the prostitute: Hey, Orenji!  How come you've never told me I mean more to you than grilled cheese?  >=[

Orenji: Because we're not freaks like them.

Uhhh, I beg to differ.

Orenji: Also, every time I try to further our relationship like that you shoot me down.  ...bitch.

Chris the prostitute: *minus*

Genesis: *sigh*  This is soooo romantic!

Fanta: I know, right?  =D

Orenji: ...No.  It's really not.

Chris the prostitute: Wow, that was fast!

Orenji: Yeah, that could be us if you didn't freak out every time I hit on you.

Chris the prostitute: ...Well, I'm not used to how I'm supposed to act around...non-clients.

 Well, the party pretty much just went on like that for awhile, so I decided to invite somebody else over!  But before that I was sick and tired of how dark my outside nighttime pictures looked, so I just added a crapload of streetlamps out there.  Those teeny blobs?  Those are Kathleen and Sunset telling me how much they hate them.  Yeah, the entire family didn't hesitate to let me know that they did not appreciate my courteousness.  Maybe they're all vampires in disguise and just hate the light.  And speaking of vampires...

...look who's back!

Dead Baby in the Corner: Ugh, this douche again?

Sunset: JEFFIE!!!!!  *goes in for a hickey*

Count Jeff: My sweet, sweet Sunset!  *sniffs hair*  Mmmmmmm.....apples....

Sunset: Oh, Jeffie!  How I wish I could become a vampire like you!  Then we could prowl the night together, eternally young!

Count Jeff: Sweet, really?  That can be arranged!

Yeah, no.  *cancels out action*


Count Jeff: Oh well, too late now.  Besides, it's what she really wanted.

Sunset: Yeah, ish what I really wanted!  ...Ish my fash schwelling up?

Count Jeff: Um, no, not all all, my sweet!  You look as beautiful as ever!

Sunset: You really mean that?

Count Jeff: Yes, of course I do, honey!  Heh heh...?

Dead Baby in the Corner: Pfffft, he's so full of crap!

He really is.

Count Jeff: Why, hello there, Mr. Niji!  Mind if I help myself to this delightful slice of cake?

Kii: Sure, go ahead.

Count Jeff: Excellent!

Kii: ....Hey, wait a minute...

Kii: Why exactly is there a vampire in my house, and how does he know who I am?  Also, where the hell is Sunset?

 Uh, well...it's kind of a long story.

Kii: I've got time.  >=l



Count Jeff: Well, I guess now's as good a time as any to take my leave.

Kii: Yeah, you better run!!!

Sunset: Dad, you're embarrassing me!!!!!!!

Sunset: Ugh, I'm getting out of here.

Hey, get back here!

Sunset: Look, Alice, I wanted to become a vampire.  Everything's fine!  I don't wanna change back.

Alice the matchmaker: Good, good.  I won't interfere with your decision then.  Say, want a smoothie to celebrate your new way of life?

Sunset: Oooh, sure!  I love smoothies!

Sunset: This is a weird lookin' smoothie.  >=[

Just drink it.

There!  All better!

Sunset: ...I have a feeling that wasn't a smoothie.

Well, at least there's one normal, happy teenage couple around here!


Never mind, all better!  =]

Genesis: Fanta, you're so cute.  ;]

Fanta: Heehee, really?  =3

Kii: Grrrrrr....

Hey, what's your problem?

Kii: I like seeing two chicks hitting on each other and all, but I'm not allowed to enjoy it when my daughter's one of the chicks!

That's....probably the creepiest thing I've ever heard.

Genesis: I wish we could be together like this all the time!

Fanta: Awwwww, really?

Genesis: Of course!

Kii: Hmph.  >=[  I don't like this at all.

Stop it.  Be happy for your daughter.

Sunset: So we're kinda out of food.

Well, good thing your mom just left for work so you can call over the delivery girl without her being afraid for her safety. 

Sunset: ...Mom really likes delivery girls, doesn't she?

Yeah.  She also likes manmaids.  I suspect she watched a lot of porn back in her day.

Well, look who I saw while waiting for the delivery girl!  It's the return of Pubey McPuberson!

Non-Cute Delivery Girl: Hmmm.  That guy really needs to pull his pants up.


Someone's trying to channel Chris, I see.  ;]

Non-Cute Delivery Girl: Here's your food, miss.

Sunset: Thanks!  You know, it's a good thing that my mom wasn't here when you came because she probably would've freaked out that you're not as cute as the other delivery girls we get.  She might've even called you ugly.  Good thing that didn't happen!

Non-Cute Delivery Girl: Heh heh, yeah, good thing.  I'm just gonna pretend I stopped listening after "thanks".  You take care now.  *fake-ass smile*

Sunset, I think you need to learn a little thing called tact.

Lookie, another birthday cake!  You know what that means!

Kii: Woo, my little baby's growing up!

Orenji: Woo, I'm finally getting some damn screentime this update!  =D

Hey, you had enough screentime in all the other ones.  Be lucky that I even took a picture of you at all.

Apricot: Aw, yeah!  I turned out awesome!

Someone has an ego, don't they?

I really wanted to have a girl with short hair this generation.  =]

And now I FINALLY get to play a second round of the Gene Guessing Game!  Okay, so turns out the first time I did it I totally failed.  Orenji and the others all have Kathleen's face-shape, skintone, and chin.  How come I just noticed this?  Because Apricot's the exact opposite.

She's the only kid to get Kathleen's eye shape, though!  And it appears that she has the slight overbite and huge ears of all the other kids. 

Yup, the party ended pretty quickly, and I didn't feel like buying any more beds or taking a crapload of pictures, so it's college time for Orenji!

Kii: *sniffle*  Goodbye, son!

Apricot: Bye!  =D  I'll do my best to become the "favorite child" while you're gone!

Kathleen and Fanta: WAIT!!!!!!

Orenji: Sorry, ladies, but I've got to go.  Don't try to hold me back.

Kathleen: No, it's just that your fly was down.  We didn't want you to make an ass out of yourself in front of all the other students.

Orenji: ...Oh.  *ziiiiiiiip*

Orenji: *quiet gasp*  Could it be?

Yup, it is!  Looks like Brittany's gonna be the one to escort you to your new life!

Brittany the creepy-ass bus driver:
This is a sad, sad day.  I was hoping it would never come. 

Hey, don't feel too bad!  If Orenji's ever heir you can drive his kids!

Brittany the creepy-ass bus driver: *sigh*  It just won't be the same.

Pffffffffffffffft BAHAHAHAHA!  Well, at least one thing won't ever change.  Orenji will always be a huge dork.

Orenji: Hey!

But now he'll always be a huge dork and a cowboy!  Yeehaw!  I actually like his makeover.  It seemed really drastic to me at first, because I had originally planned to keep him looking exactly like he did as a teen.  But his chin got a lot longer, so I added some facial hair to balance it out, and...well, viola!  He looks like a MANLY MAN now, doesn't he?  XD

But don't worry, he's keeping those braces until he dies, whether he's heir or not.  And just in case you're wondering...

...yes, he is streaking.

Orenji: It feels GREAT just to let it all hang out!  Ladies, let me introduce you to---

A nice cold can of your sister?

Orenji: What?  Aw, crap.

Orenji: Come back soon for me, 'kay?  =3

I know it's not gonna be for very long, but I'm still gonna miss him while he's gone!  T^T

Here, have a picture of something less depressing, like a gothic version of steezie_k's Kimber Creelman!

With Orenji gone, Sunset now gets his old room all to herself.

Sunset: Awwww yeah, I'm so gonna be heir now!  I even have the heirworthy bedroom!

I'm not sure if you completely understand how a legacy works.

I'm guessing you had a good first day of school?

Apricot: Yeah!  My bus driver's super nice!  =D


Brittany the sad, sad bus driver: *sigh*  I'm smiling with my mouth, but not with my HEART!  I can never be happy without my Orenji!

I'm just gonna leave you alone for awhile.

Fanta: Oh, my sweet, sweet cheese slices....you remind me of Genesis' hair.  *stroke*

I think I just need to leave everybody alone for awhile.  Jesus, you guys are all freaks.

Here's your weekly dose of Kii's nipples.

Kii: I'm so glad I'm being appreciated for my artistic ability and not for my body!  =]

Apricot: Yeah, you keep thinking that.

Apricot: Ahem, I have something to say.  =3

Maybe somebody will actually use this thing properly for once!

Apricot: *buurrrrp* 

Or not.

Kii: Heehee, good one!

Hey, don't encourage that!  Seriously, you're teaching all of your kids really bad habits.

Kii: Ahhh!

Like that.  Hands above the table, sicko.

Well, wouldja look at that!  Fanta brought home sea_serpent's Lickitung Scallywag...

...while Sunset brought home his sister, Ekans!  It's like a family playdate!  >w<

Apricot: Yes!  YES!!!  YES!!!!


Apricot: I got an A+ on my report card!  I feel like.....I feel like I need to SING!

You go ahead and do that.

*cue fitting victory song*

Speaking of victories, Kii's only one promotion away from his LTW!  =D

AND Fanta and Genesis have fallen in love!

Fanta: I love you so much...

Dead Baby in the Corner: And to think it was me that started it all!  *sniffle*  I'm such a good person!  ...Or Sim Modder or dead baby, whatever the hell I am.

Here's a first kiss to celebrate their going steady!

Afterwards Genesis gets the hell out of there, though.  Did I mention she's a Romance sim?  XD

Nothing new here.  Just the Nijis' unathletic gene being alive 
and well.

Apricot: Let's be serious for a moment, you guys.  We really need to be recycling more.

Apricot: Pfffffft, NAH!  XD

She spends about 95% of her time on this.  ...None of that time is spent on doing something useful, such as skilling.

The other 5% of her time mostly goes to Sunset.  These two adore each other.

Apricot: You're my hero!  =]

Sunset: Awwww, you're my hero!

Apricot: You're my hero more!

Sunset: You're---

Fanta: Hey, guys, this is sweet and all, but...

Fanta: I'm kind of trying to concentrate here.

Sunset: Ewww, why the hell are you calling here?!

Orenji: Um...because I'm your brother...?

Sunset: Well, I don't wanna talk to you! 

Too bad.  You're the one who decided not to get on the school bus this morning, so you're the one who has to answer the phone.

Sunset: But I---

Nope.  No excuses.

But at least her extra time at home gave me the opportunity to fulfill some of her wants, like meeting new people...

Sunset: Oh my god, you're so hot!  I bet you make a ton of money, right?!

Carl the manmaid: Uhhh, not really.

...and making friends with ineligibles.

Sunset: Sooo, you probably don't wanna come in the house right now, because my dad's home and he likes to lounge around the place in his man panties.  XD

Ekans: Pfffft, no way!  XD  I so wanna see that! 

Ekans: Oh, Mr. Niji?  I need help figuring out your TV!  Could you come out and...show me, please?  Heh heh heh...

Kathleen: Um, he just left for work, honey.

Ekans: Dammit.

Kathleen's almost at the top of her career too, I might add.

Two days in a row?!  Jesus, Sunset, you're gonna ruin your grades and you're never gonna get a scholarship...

Sunset: Well...

Oh.  That's right, you graduated.  I'm not quite used to that function of InTeen yet.  My bad.

Sunset: That's what I was trying to tell you!

Well, time for you to join Orenji!

Her makeover's not nearly as different as her brother's was, but I still like how she turned out.

Sunset: Wow, what an ass.

Who are you talking about?


Orenji: Heyyyyyyyy, ladies!  Anyone wanna try me at pool?  Bets are starting at five kisses!  *smoochie smoochie*

Yup, I'm just, uh, gonna ignore that and go back to the main house.

Oh, hey, Kii!

Kii: Where the FUCK is my daughter?!

Who, Sunset?  Oh, I sent her off to college.

Kii: WHAT?!  While I was at work?!  But I didn't even get to say goodbye!

Oops.  Sorry.

Kii: This can't be happening...this cannot be happening...

Kii: Heh heh!  *twitch*  My life as I know it is over!  Heh heh!  *juggle*  *twitch*  All my kids are growing up without me...

I can tell somebody's going to harp on this for awhile.

Apricot: Oh, hi, Sunset!  =D  Why are you calling me?  Where are you?

Kii: In COLLEGE.  *sob*

Apricot: Hmm?  Oh, nothing.  Daddy's just going crazy.

Luckily Kathleen always saves her hubby from going off the deep end!

Oh, and now Apricot's Little Miss Popular at school.  She brings home a different kid, like, everyday.  It's almost like she's wanting me to age up somebody for her when she grows up like I did for her sisters, but honestly, I'm not really planning on playing her as a teen.

Fanta: ...I think my eyes are growing hair.

I think my game's just glitching on me to tell me to hurry up with the freaking generation already.  So yeah, after this I took a lot less pictures so I could do just that.

Apricot: Whoa, wait a minute!  It's possible to actually catch the ball?!

Kathleen: Um, yes, Apricot.  Hence the name of the game, "Catch".

Guess the unathletic gene is just from Kii.  I wish I had Freetime so I could see if any of the kids had any sports enthusiasm whatsoever.

Apricot: Hey, what about this one?  She's got red hair just like Genesis!


Besides, it's already your birthday anyway.

Yay, she's the last kid of generation 2 to age up!

She's pretty as was expected, but no time for any makeovers yet!  Time for Fanta and Apricot to join their siblings in college!

I love how she aged up into an appropriately colored shirt that I'll never use.  She's also looking a lot like her father.

Oooh, look who it is!  It's Chris, who will no longer be referred to as "Chris the prostitute" because she has officially quit her job as a hooker and is now a playable!  =D

Chris: Hell yeah!

Here's Fanta, looking exactly the same...

...and here's her...soulmate.  XD  Yeah, that outfit's not gonna change.  It definitely fits a Romance sim, doesn't it?

I just tweaked her makeup a little bit and gave her this cute dress!  =3  I'm surprised she turned out so pretty, considering she was a Maxis-made townie.


Orenji Niji
Reach Top of Journalism Career
3 Neat
2 Outgoing
10 Active
10 Playful
7 Nice
Blonde Hair, Black Hair/ Cologne

Pros: He's cute, he has Chris as a possible spouse and the human Adonis as a possible sperm donor, he's hilarious, and has a LTW that I've never done before.  ...Also, I'm kind of in love with him.  >.<

Cons: Whenever he's around I seem to take a CRAPLOAD of pictures.  So you'll definitely have to be prepared for more of that if he's heir.  Also, with him being heir I'd feel like I was giving in to favoritism.  But it's just in TS2, so who honestly cares?

Sunset Niji
Reach Top of Journalism Career
3 Neat
2 Outgoing
10 Active
10 Playful
7 Nice
Vampirism, Custom Hair/ Stink

Pros: She's cute, she has Count Jeff as a possible spouse, and she definitely has her moments of hilarity.

Cons: She has the exact same personality and LTW as her older brother.  Plus, she's pretty much in love with Count Jeff already, so if she wins there won't be much to do during college with her.

In case you're wondering how Fanta's outfit's orange...

TADAH!  She obviously likes to show off her butt crack.

Fanta Niji
Grilled Cheese
Eat 200 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
3 Neat
2 Outgoing
10 Active
10 Playful
7 Nice
Swimwear, Custom Hair/ Fittness

Pros: She also has her moments of hilarity and for some reason she seems a little more "edgy" to me than the rest of her siblings, even though she has the exact same personality as two of them.

Cons: Genesis is cute and all, but they're kind of boring together.  Plus, they're already in love, so again there wouldn't be much for me to do with them.  Also, she has the exact same personality as her older siblings, and she's a complete clone of her older sister.  In addition, I'm sure you guys know by now that I have a hard time making Grilled Cheese sims interesting, which is why I changed Kii's aspiration in the very beginning.

Apricot Niji
Become The Law
4 Neat
8 Outgoing
9 Active
6 Playful
4 Nice
Glasses, Black Hair/ Vampirism

Pros: She has the complete opposite personality of all of her siblings, and her looks are extremely different.  Also, I think it's kind of funny that she rolled the same aspiration as Sunset, so I guess she really is her hero.  I also find it funny that Sunset's all OMG VAMPIRES while Apricot's all EWWW FUCK EDWARD, so that could definitely bring up some conflict later!  Also, since I don't have an intended for her yet, it leaves the spouse search completely open for her, which would make college a little more bearable.  (I have the College Adjuster, though, so that's not a huge deal.)

Cons: First of all, her LTW is to reach the top of the same career that her mom has.  While it's funny that she rolled that after all the time she spent on the career reward during her childhood, I want to try a different career to spice things up a bit.  But the biggest problem is that I never really got connected with her.  I had a feeling this was going to happen, considering the age difference between her and her siblings, but I never found her interesting enough to give her more screentime.  In fact, ever since I sent her brother off to college ahead of the rest of them, things got incredibly boring, which is why I was able to go through Apricot's entire childhood in the span of one update.  Even though she's super pretty and different and all, I still think personality trumps looks, even if it's just a game.
Now here's the actual poll!
Well, I'll see you guys next time with the NEXT HEIR!

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I really like the college makeovers! Orenji looks so grown-up and manly now... and even though Sunset and Fanta are clones, they still feel so different to me! And Apricot is gorgeous. Plus, she has four nice points, which I love. The meaner the better!

I am struggling SO hard with the heir poll! Orenji is the most developed kid, but Apricot is so lovely looking... Haha this is difficult! :P

Thanks! =D Yeah, it still feels weird to me too that Sunset and Fanta are technically the same exact sim, because they act completely different from each other! And I have to admit, I love mean sims too. XD Oddly enough, though, even though Apricot is the meanest of the kids personality-wise, Orenji is the one who actually likes to start shit with people...namely Chris. *sigh*

I know, originally I thought it'd be so easy for me to just pick Orenji and go, "yup, he's heir", but once his sisters grew into teenagers they sort of came into their own, I guess. I kind of wish I could've done more with the Niji girls, but it took Kii and Kathleen so long to get pregnant again after Orenji, he was already a kid by the time Sunset was born. >.< I'm definitely hoping for some multiples next generation!

Due to too much to do in rl I missed the heir poll :( But actually that's kinda good as I can't quite decide between Orenji and Apricot. True, I adore Orenji like mad - but Apricot is so very pretty! (yeah, I'm shallow like that)

Nipple picture! *___* Made me happy and all fuzzy inside ;)

I feel so sorry for Brittany! Poor thing even had to drive Orenji away. Though I fear he isn't that appealing to her anymore now that he's such a manly man, is he?

I want to see more of grown up-Orenji! He looks so much like one of my own fav sims, now....can't get enough of Orenji!! I want to see so much more of him next update, ya? Poor babbie was rather neglected this time around...

Yeah, I'm definitely tempted too by Apricot's delicious looks, but....I just love Orenji too much, dammit. >.<

It's probably gonna get even worse for her when she has to drive Orenji to, say, work. Lol, yeah, that's definitely gonna suck for her. XD (Unless he ends up as a spare and I never get him a job, of course.) But you're right, she only gets ~tingly~ around little boys. Not manly cowboys like Orenji is now.

No matter what there'll definitely be more of him next update! I literally had to restrain myself from pressing the "c" key over and over whenever I saw him...he just makes me wanna take jillions of pictures. DX

PS: aaah, now the poll worked :D I still couldn't decide though and voted for both ^^°

btw about the sports anthusiasm thing. I do have FT but as far as I can tell they don't have any enthusiasm until they do things related to certain enthusiasms, just then they develop this special enthusiasm and when they try out the pre-programmed hobby it reveals itself as their OTH... (or as in my case you cheat and check the enthusiasm bars even before they do anything - their OTH is highlighted).

Yaaay! Sorry about that, I think there might be something weird going on with the code...I had to redo the poll like three times just to get the damn thing to work. X[ Hey, vote for all of 'em if you want! XD It definitely makes the competetion a little less predictable.

Ohhhhh, okay. So, like, even though all the Niji kids suck at sports, if they play them a bunch sports could potentially be their OTH?

No, not like that. They do develop enthusiasm for it no matter how much they suck (though I can't tell which enthusiasm, there's fitness and there's sports...I have no idea what the difference is >___<) or hate it. But every sim has a random OTH (at least I guess it's random as I once saw a toddler with having done nothing at all so far having one of his hobby enthusiasm bars highlighted - but this could just have been a bug, too) and as soon as they do something related to that hobby (like cooking when it's a cuisine sim or pottering when it's an arts and crafts sim) a message pops up that they really enjoyed trying that out - et voila, le OTH.

Ohhhh, okay! That makes sense. I think it'd be completely hilarious then if one of the Niji kids' OTH turned out to be sports. XD I'm really hoping to get Freetime sometime in the next year or so, because my game's practically ancient since the newest EP I have is Bon Voyage...which I just got less than a week ago. >.

oooooh, Bon Voyage! I want! ...actually I do want a lot of eps but my motherboard and graphic card are so very ancient :[ I only have Uni, FT and AL...I'm dying for Seasons, Pets and Bon Voyage...

Aw, shucks, that's too bad. =[ I don't think Bon Voyage is all that great though....mostly because the game makes it way harder than necessary to kill the ugly vacationees. Like, you can't just "Die By Flies" all of them and let the gravestones collect like I normally do....you have to make your sim BEST FRIENDS with them and then invite them over to their house once the vacation's over and kill them. *sigh* Such an arduous process just to get some decent-looking sims that I'll probably never use. Pets is alright, but I kind of forget what it's like since the Nijis are too poor to get a pet at the moment. XD

(Deleted comment)
Yup, everything's just as it usually is! XD Kii should be a little more tolerant of his daughter expressing affection for her girlfriend...after all, everyone ELSE has to tolerate him walking around in those teeny little manpanties all day!

I know. =[ I was actually debating keeping her that way for awhile, but then Kii immediately rolled the want to get her changed back, and he'd been in the green for DAYS because he's a Pleasure sim and therefore only rolls stupid-ass wants like "buy a bubble blower so I can get high in front of my kids hur hur hur", and he really needed to use the Elixir of Life. T^T Maybe someday Sunset will get to be Jeff's Bella! XD

Oh yeah, so whenever someone puts sims up for download, I always download them with the maximum amount of custom content they come with because I actually really like having a crapload of different skins and eyes and clothes in my game. Turns out that some of those skins had pubes. Once I found that out, I just HAD to make a sim with one of those skins so I could ~flaunt~ it!

Aw, thanks! =D

I was gonna vote for Apricot I thought she was the most interesting out of all the kid.

Aww, I'm sorry! =[ Don't worry though; you'll definitely see more of her next update, whether she's heir or not. Plus I'm planning on putting everybody up for download after the kids are done with college, so she could potentially live on forever in your game if you wanted! =D

The Niji girls (minus Apricot) look freakishly like one of my best friends. I kept being all "Molly, GTFO my screen, I'm trying to read legacies!" :P

Sunset..is not the most elegant vampiress, is she? >_>

As for Genesis, that's a mighty....suspicious name, now that I think about it. And she's a romance sim? You might as well rename this sucker The Niji Legacy of Ill Repute right now. XD

Orenji is The Nerdiest Lumberjack Alive! (Starring Clay Aiken as Orenji Niji, and featuring a specially written version of the Monty Python Lumberjack Song!)
...I would so pay to see that.

Sunset as a vampire was...interesting. I think it was mainly because of the big lips; they'd always get in the way whenever she'd try to snarl or something. XD

Heh heh heh...Genesis isn't suspicious at ALL... *knows that you've already read condemning updates about her*


Thanks for reading! =D

Actually, I hadn't read the other updates when I wrote that. Which, of course, made them SO GOOD. XD

I know, you must have a spidey-sense for whores or something! XD

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