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Mah Tortured Little Simmies

watch them burn

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The Niji Legacy 2.2

Hi, pohtaytohs here!  Last update we got to meet the first-born of the generation, Orenji!  We also met some other interesting characters, such as Pubey McPuberson, Carl the man-maid, Lydia the bitch and Competent Nanny!  A bunch of people stared at Kii's glorious ass, and after a billion tries, Kathleen finally got pregnant again.  Orenji was fucking annoying as a toddler, and to escape the madness Kii left the house and made an old lady cry.  Kathleen gave birth to the second baby of the generation, a girl named Sunset.  All the plumbing in the house KEPT BREAKING RELENTLESSLY, usually because of Kii.  When we left off, Orenji had just aged into a child and I'd taken a crappy makeover picture of him on the toilet!  (Heh, crappy.)

Here's that better close-up I promised!  Now it's time for something I call the Gene Guessing Game!  Okay, so Orenji definitely has Kii's eyes, skintone, and overall facial structure.  He also has his father's hair color, because Orenji is naturally blonde.  He has the same nose width as his dad, but I think it's a little plump like Kathleen's; likewise, he has Kii's mouth size but also his mommy's full lips.  (You can't see it in this picture, but Orenji also has the slight overbite I gave Kii!  <3)

Now, when we last left off, Orenji was having his birthday party.  So where is everybody?

Well, Kii's staring at a blank computer screen in a desperate effort to be antisocial...

...Sunset's sleepin'...

...Kathleen's rocking at the bass, and surprisingly...

...rikkulidea's Laci Tang-Deline isn't being a bitch!

Oh, and Suzie the waitress is on her way over to Kii so she can isult him for no reason at all.  Good times!  =D

Also, I built Orenji his own bedroom.  This house is slowly transforming into an actual house, not just a building with three giant rooms.




Suzie the waitress: You're such a freak!  I can't believe I ever came to this stupid party, you obsessive grilled cheese weirdo!

Hey, he changed his aspiration a loooooong time ago.  >=[  You've now taken Laci's throne as bitch of the party.  Congratulations.

Wow, Kii, you're actually being pretty mature about all this.

Kii: Of course I am!  Would you expect anything less from me?

Kii: *bawls the second Suzie isn't paying attention*

...Yes.  Yes I would.

I really hope Orenji's smiling about the fact that he finally has some pajamas that are actually orange, not about how his dad is sobbing.  =/

No.  You better not be one of those kids.  >X[

Suzie the waitress: Well, this party sucks.

Laci: Mostly because of you.

Suzie the waitress: ...You know, everyone can tell that those boobs aren't real.

Laci: *takes a long swig of "juice"*

Orenji: Ugh, this is so EMBARRASSING!!!

Why, because your dad's freestyling in his underwear in a desperate attempt to raise your party's score?

...Oh, never mind.

Orenji's childhood may have not started out well, but hey, at least his Desk Locater's picture is cute!

Honestly, Kii's waaaaay more upset about the ordeal than Orenji is.  You'd think he was a Family sim or something.

Kathleen: Heyyyyy, hon!  Are you finally over that stupid birthday party yet?  8D 

(Seriously, why is she smiling like that?  She only has four nice points....Leave it to Kathleen to be a complete creeper.)

...Evidently not.

Oh, so I COMPLETELY forgot about doing heir portraits!  Good thing Kathleen has so many Creativity points!

Good boy, Orenji.  You just be a nice, quiet kid and play with your sailboats.

Oooh, lookie there!  It's the return of the COMPETENT NANNY!

Kii: Can I have a turn?  ...  Can I have a turn?  ...  COME ON, I WANNA HOLD IT!

Jesus, Kii, you have to leave for work in an hour.  Just let her take care of it.

Orenji: ...I don't think I wanna go to school today.

Come on, it's your first day!  I'm sure everything will be fine!

Orenji: But the bus driver's looking at me weird...

Oh.  Yeah, she looks a little too eager to drive you to school... Well, good luck!

While Orenji's at school, enjoy this lovely base solo by Competent Nanny!

So, how was it, bud?

Orenji: ...She touched me in ways I've never been touched before.  *rubs wrists*


Brittany the creepy-ass bus driver: *giggles*

Poor Orenji.  He just never seems to get to that toilet first.

Oh, Kathleen is talking to that friend again!
Kathleen: Ooh, you did?!  Gimme the details!

Kathleen: What the hell?!  He didn't even kiss you first?!

Kathleen: Girl, trust me on this.  You need to DUMP his ass!  I can see right through this guy, and he's nothing but trouble.

Yeah, I know getting a money tree is sort of cheating, but has that ever stopped me before?  Besides, the Nijis are dirt poor at the moment.  They need this.

Woo!  Kathleen maxxed her Creativity by working on the heir portrait!

In other good news, she rocks the thinking cap!  ;]

Yay, it's really coming along!

Kii: Oh, uh, hi there!

...Are you hiding something from me?  I think I see water.

Kii: No, not at all...

No, seriously, what's that behind your back?

Kii: It's nothing, I told you! 

Look, I can see the water!  What's going on here?!



Kii: I told you not to look...  T^T

 I don't care if you have only two Mechanical points!  I am NOT paying for another repairman visit!  You are gonna FIX this shit, do you hear me?!

Kii: *gulp*  Yes, ma'am.

~one sim-hour later~

Kii: I...can't...DO IT!  *emits the highest pitched sound I have ever heard come out of a man, and my favorite band is Queen*

*sigh*  Oh, fine.  You tried your best.  I guess we'll just call a repairman after all.

Kii: Gee, thanks!  *immediately hops into bed with his wife*

...If I didn't want you guys to have more kids, I would SO murder you right now, Kii.

Hey, how come you guys didn't get pregnant?

Kii: *peeks over the shoulder of his sleeping wife*  Sorry.  She made me put something on.

Godammit, Kath!  I don't CARE how much you hate being pregnant!  We need more kids!

Orenji: Ugh, I couldn't POSSIBLY work on my homework right now.  I'm bored to DEATH!

I'm jealous of all those legacies that have kids that actually have fun during school.

Smexy Repairman: Well, everything seems to be in order here.  I'll just collect my bill and be on my way.  *sneaks back to his truck*

Oh, alright then.


...Ugh.  -.-"  He didn't come back, so I had to replace the tub.

Time to try again for baby #3!

Kii: Babe, you so hot it's criminal!

No, Kii, just no.  Pickup lines do not work on anybody.

Good thing she's an awesome wife and still loves you anyway.


Kii: Yay!  =3

Kathleen: ...Shit.

I think Orenji wants to be a gamer like his daddy.  Seriously, this is about all he does in his spare time.

Ooh, a cute teen townie!  Get off the video games and go greet her, Orenji!  Maybe she'll be of use to you when you're older!


Of course, Kii just wants to terrorize his son's first visitor.

I guess he didn't realize that when you prank people, sometimes they get really pissed.


Oh, you just brought this on yourself, hon.

Time for Sunset to grow up!

...You are planning on catching her, right, Kath?

Kathleen: Maybe I am, maybe I'm not.

Uh oh.

Luckily, she did catch her.  ...It is a "her", I promise.

There, that's better!

She's cute, but she's pretty much a clone of Orenji.  =[

Kii and Orenji always have wants to play together!  =3

...Like father, like son.  Every single time they dropped that ball, I swear.

That must've been a good game of catch, because Kii and Orenji are pretty much inseparable now!

(You know, maybe Orenji doesn't have Kii's skintone.  There's a definite difference between them in this picture.)

See?  Besties!  <3

Hey, she may smell bad, but at least she can ask for a diaper change now, right?

Orenji wanted to make a friend, so I had him invite Chris over!

She asked if she could bring a friend, and I figured, hey, why not?  She brought radiationpoison's Echo Hart.

Chris: Damn, boy!  You have got a great package!  Am I ever glad that you hired me!

Uh, for what?

Yay!  The heir portrait's finally done!

Aw, crap.  I got the sky in it.  Oh well, I'm keeping it!  Kii looks kind of smirky in it, doesn't he?

Orenji: Send over your cutest delivery girl, please!

Sorry, but I don't think that's gonna work.

Well, I'll be damned!  You are cute!

Tristen the delivery girl: Does this mean I'll get a chance to be in the family?  =D

Maybe.  ;]

Kathleen, I know you don't really wanna have another baby, but is it really necessary for you to try to break your own neck?

Ooh,  somebody's trying to earn points with me, I see!  ;]

Yup, these two are totally related.

Oooh, hey!  Kii's gotten his first promotion in forever!

Kii: You know, it actually feels sort of fulfilling to advance in my carreer!  =]

...Even though your "career" is just you playing video games all day?

Orenji: What the hell?!  A naked guy?!

Whoa, what?

Ohhh, I get it now.  Don't worry, he's not naked!  He's just sea_serpent's Lickitung Scallywag!  ...I still need to explain myself, don't I?

Okay, so I downloaded a bunch of teen male underwear from somewhere, and I realized that they'd been wrongly binned as everyday wear.  When I found this out, I just had to take advantage of it by setting those as Lickitung's regular outfit!  C'mon, don't tell me you wouldn't do the same thing if you were in my situation!

Orenji: *flees*

Oh, come on!  He's not dangerous, just dangerously sexy!

Orenji: *trembles and hides under the covers*  So many bulges...

You didn't see anything on Lickitung that is any different from what you see on your dad every single day, honey.

Stealing toys from your little sister is what made you platinum?  ...Ass.

Oh, Chris was invited over again, and she asked if she could bring a friend along for the second time.  So who was it?

radiationpoison's Henry Blossom-Quagmeyer, of course!  Okay, so Chris is now officially Chris the prostitute, you guys.  Seriously, apparently all the friends she has are adult men!

Orenji: What the hell is he doing here?

See?  Even Orenji thinks this is weird.

Once again, Kii wanted to prank the pants off his son's visitors.

C'mon, Kii, grow a pair!  Don't be such a pansy!

Oh, so you won't accept his pranks, but you'll accept his mac and cheese?  I see how it is.

I know this probably isn't good for the baby, but Kathleen's needs deteriorate incredibly fast while she's pregnant.  >.<  I guess it's to make up for the fact that she doesn't ever get morning sickness.

Sunset: Mommy!  Daddy!  Help me wif my stinky!

Sorry, Sunset.  Your parents are a little busy right now.

Kathleen: Yeah, seriously.  Go away, brat.  *rolls eyes*

Oh, so you use bottles for your after-sex juggling now?

Huh, lately Laci's been calling to talk to Kii a lot.  This is kinda weird, because they've only talked, like, once before.

*sigh*  Sunset's no better than her brother.

I have never seen a happier maid than Carl in my life.

Carl the man-maid: I get to carry out their garbage bags full of shitty diapers?!  AWESOME!  =D

With a belly that big, I'm kind of hoping that Kathleen will have multiples.

Carl, I saw you looking!  How could you?!  I thought you were a one-ass man!

It's pretty cute when Sunset plays with her toys.  =]  ...Too bad she only does it when I force her, because she'd much rather be in the toilet. 

Yeah, I'd make that face if my nanny just randomly called me, too.  No matter how competent she was.

Look, I'm glad that you guys are bonding, but do you have to do it like this?!  T^T

Oh, I finally got a nipple closeup, onilplayer!  ;]  There's even a free burger included.

Kii: ...What are you doing?  =l


Yay, Orenji finally got an A+!

...Too bad that's overshadowed by the birth of his next sibling(s).

Carl the man-maid: Oh my god, she's in labor!  I'M COMIN', MRS. NIJI!

Kii: Doo dee doo dee doo....I'm just gonna take extra long putting these leftovers in the fridge...

Orenji: Hey, Mom!  Look!  I got an A+!

Kathleen: *huff*  That's very nice, honey.  *huff*

Orenji, leave your poor mother alone!  She's kinda busy here!

Carl the man-maid: Just breathe, Mrs. Niji!  Breathe!

Hey, I'm surprised that Kii actually made his way over.

I'm happy that he's finally gained some responsibility, even though he looks dead inside.

Just one!  It's another girl.  Her name is Fanta.  =]  (I know there are other flavors of Fanta, but c'mon!  I can't be the only one that thinks the orange kind is the only one that's decent!)

Kathleen: Like I said earlier, congratulations on getting an A+!

Most Dedicated Mother of the Year, amirite?

Orenji: Gee, thanks, Mom!  Hey, what's that thing in your arms?  Ooh, is that a BABY?

Hey, he's not much stupider than you, you know.

Kathleen: Phew.  I am done having babies.

Sorry, but no.  I want at least one more kid for this generation.

I love how Carl can just wittness one of his clients giving birth and then go back to work like nothing happened!

Carl the man maid: What can I say?  It's my job.

Time for another birthday party!  Let's judge who our true friends are by who shows up!

simmericangirl's Adora Rose is, of course.  The chick who's behind her is the person Kathleen always talks about sex with on the phone.  She's a true friend, too.

And, surprisingly, Lydia is too!  XD

Hey, I don't want this to be a repeat of Orenji's party, you hear me?

I didn't realize that Kii was feeding Fanta when I told him to take Sunset to the cake until I found her lying on the floor.

She promptly shit herself and started crying.  I felt kinda bad, but I didn't wanna interrupt the birthday festivities.

Yay!  This party's already off to a better start!

...I think I'm gonna do this with all the children.  Just warning you.

Cute, but exactly like her brother.  There's no need to even do the Gene Guessing Game this time around.  =/

...I didn't realize until it was too late that I made Sunset's Desk Locater a different color than Orenji's.  They're poor, so I didn't wanna spend the extra fifteen simoleons or so to redesign it.

I shuffled things around a bit in Orenji's room so he could share it with his sister.

And there's an actual room for the study now!

Kathleen: You forgot to add a door for my room, dumbass.

Oh yeah, I knew I forgot something!

Here ya go!

Kathleen: Ugh, did you have to pick a butt-ugly one like this?!

It's no different from any of the other doors in the house.  Deal with it.

This party was starting to turn the way of Orenji's, so I had Kii do his magic freestylin'!  It brought the score up to "Good Time"!

Look above your head, Kathleen!  Your daughter had a good party!

Kathleen: ...Huh.  That's nice.

Don't pee your pants in excitement or anything.

Oh, I finally had him get Fanta off the floor.  =]

Sunset is definitely her father's child.  She has his same habit of cleaning everything autonomously even though she's a sloppy sim.

Annnnnnnd she also spends most of her free time playing video games.

By some miracle Kii got far enough in the Gamer career to unlock the reward!

Oh, hey there, Competent Nanny!

Sunset: Uh, something weird was happening on the bus...

Yeah?  And what was that?

Orenji: See you tomorrow, Brittany.  Today was fun, now that I'm not scared of my feelings anymore.  ;D

Brittany the creepy-ass bus driver: I'll be counting the minutes!



Sunset: I don't wanna talk about it.  >.<

Hey, I know how to cheer you up!

Try out Kii's career reward!

Sunset: Ooh, this is fun!



Wow, third birthday party of the update, Fanta's this time.  Let's see who our true friends are again!

...Just Laci?  Seriously?  Oh well, I'll take it.  Let's get this party started!

Aww, how sweet.  (Doesn't it totally look like Kii's portrait is creeping on them?)

This is less sweet.  Seriously, this is an innappropriate topic for your infant daughter's birthday party, you guys!


Kathleen: Young man, you did NOT just break that brand-new pinball machine!

Orenji: Uhhh...  *slinks away*

It took me forever to realize that it was supposed to spout lava.  XD

Last moment of Fanta as a baby!

Fanta: Whee!

Sunset: Uh, Daddy?  Are you supposed to be chucking her up in the air like that?

Whoa!  Her blonde hair is so light, for a minute I thought she was bald!

Here's her makeover!  I put her in the same clothes that Sunset used to wear, because I don't have very many toddler clothes right now.  It's kind of fitting, though, because she's another CLONE.  -_-

I'm impressed that she hasn't gone for the toilet yet, though!

...Never mind.

Well, aren't you two just a match made in heaven?

HOLY CRAP, THEY GOT AN EVEN CUTER DELIVERY GIRL!!!  I didn't even think that was possible!  And she's got alien eyes!!

Kathleen: Thanks for the groceries!  May I just say, damn are you pretty!  You should marry my son when he grows up!  Or one of my daughters if you swing that way!

Even Cuter Delivery Girl: Ummm...

Dammit, Kathleen!  You creeped her out!

After a BAJILLION promotions, Kathleen's work outfit finally changed!  =D

I could never keep fighting a losing battle like Carl here is.  Seriously, if I were him there would be a lot of strangled toddlers by now.

Carl the man-maid: Just doin' my job.

I kind of wanna marry him in someday as a giant "thank you", but then I'd have to see him die and I don't want that.

Ooh, flurries!  Maybe you kids'll get a snow day tomorrow!

Oh, and Sunset brought a cute friend home.  I think her name is Audrey.

Look, you just barely woke up.  Could you wait one second?

I mean, your mom pretty much just came home from work.

(Oh, and you know how Kii and Orenji are besties?  Looks like it's the same thing with Kathleen and Sunset.)

I'm happy there's snow, but I'm not happy that Lickitung now wears clothes when he walks by.  T^T

Whoa, that was quick.

Oh my god, yet another birthday!  Don't worry, it's the last one of the update, and it's a big one: Orenji is aging into a teenager!

So who are our true friends this time?

Adora, of course, and surprisingly Suzie the bitchtastic waitress.

And so is Lydia again.  XD

Well, your only son is about to age up, Kii.  What do you have to say about that?

Kii: Everytime I see my wife it's like there's a party in my pants!

...I thought you'd say something a little more touching, considering you love that son to bits.

Oh, wait, I see what he was doing!  He was just trying to make Suzie feel jealous, which is obviously not working.

Awww, this was one of the cutest moments I've ever had in my game.  As soon as they saw that Orenji grew up well, they looked at each other and smiled.  It was like they were silently saying to each other, "We did it!"

...At least, it was a lot cuter until I noticed Sunset bitching in the corner over there.

Ah, that's better.

Why do you guys keep insisting on doing this at your kids' parties?!

Well, let's see who Orenji finds attractive.


...AND Suzie!  This should be interesting!

Adora: Blegh!  That kid's nasty!

Shut up.  Nobody asked you.

Orenji rolled Knowledge, so here's his appropriately nerdy outfit and makeover.  =]

And HERE'S the adorkable braces I gave him!  >w<

He hasn't gotten his LTW yet, so I'll post his stats next update.

See you guys next time!

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Are you making sure to roll the pacifier to avoid clone babies?

Whoops. DX Honestly, I'd never heard about that before. Thank you sooooo much for letting me know!!! The weirdest thing is that I'd never had any problems with clone babies until I started this legacy and was actually TRYING for diversity. -_-

I had never heard of it either until recently, and I've been playing for years. I once had a family of five identical red-headed children (and neither parent was a red-head). I'm very happy with the results of this trick so far -- in my current generation I've got a red-head, a brunette, and a blond. :D

Huh, that's happened to me a couple times before too, having redheaded children with no redheaded parents. Weird. o.O

I will DEFINITELY use this method before the generation is over, though! I'm gonna try for one more kid and see how it goes. Thanks again for telling me about this! =D

The time with five kids the dad was a brunette and the mom was a blond, which is the same deal with my current legacy, as their first kid was a redhead. (I'm totally spoiling my legacy right now but ohhhh wellll...) At least this time I understand it, as the grandmother was also a redhead, but it makes me wonder if the first child of a brunette/blond pairing always turns out to be redheaded...

You're welcome for the tip. It's stupid that the game is programmed to give you clones; I thought it just had to be that way, but I'm so glad someone discovered a solution!

Hey, as long as you're not spoiling who has The Nose, right? XD

That career reward is so overpowered. I love it. XD

...And Chris (the teenage hooker! 8D) is awesome. Keep her around for when you need a legacy sperm donor!

Yeah, at first I was all, "It's just a fucking PINBALL MACHINE?" But then when I realized all the stuff it did I completely freaked out! XD It's definitely my favorite one I've unlocked so far!

Haha, thanks! =D I definitely want some of her ol' female sperm sometime in the future!

Aaaaw, I love Orenjis nose. And his freckles. He's too cute to be true! ...wel he isn't true after all but I think you get my meaning ;)

> Well, Kii's staring at a blank computer screen in a desperate effort to be antisocial...

hahaha, this remembers me of a line out of QAF which I adopted fo myself: I'm not antisocial - I just hate people. ^__^ ...I should note this line down for my legacy, might come in handy one day, lol (I love using quotations from TV and cinema :D)

yaaay, little house-overview :D I love seeing other people's homes :D (sims and RL)

http://pics.livejournal.com/pohtaytohs/pic/0009xsbp - Kii is SO hot in this! That look, whoa!! *__*

Why am I grinning about the part with the creepy bus driver and Orenji, WHY?? orz

> I can see right through this guy, and he's nothing but trouble.


You should sue that stupid repairman!! ò.ó

Wow, Chris surely has tastes in choosing her clients friends ^^

Also I drooled over Lickitung, you have the hottest sims in your game, for real *faints* Although poor Orenji really has to suffer some pieces what with the bus driver and half-naked teens walking around in the neighbourhood...may I suggest he goes to Chris for career counselling? ;)

hehehe...burger and nipples, how can a girl ask for more? :D (and thanx again) Those nipples are so delicious!!

Aw, I don't drink pop much, but I do like the tangerine fanta, too - is this stuff even sold still? Plus, it's orange, too ;)

The moment Kii and Kathleen share at Orenji's birthday is so cute it's killing my teeth! X33

...braces!!!!! X33333333333

Did I mention how much I love your style? You have a really good feel for which pictures to take and your captions are sooo funny! :D

I like his nose too. =3 The only part that I'm happy about in having clone kids is that they all have that cute, plump nose! >w<

Haha, that quote TOTALLY describes me! XD I like quoting from shows and movies, too. Also YouTube videos!

I have to admit, I was smiling from ear to ear when I saw the bus driver and Orenji exchanging those meaningful glances. XD I kind of wish you could interact with those kinds of NPCs, because I'd marry them in a second!

Oh, if only you COULD sue in TS2...*sigh* I think it might've been because someone was in the tub when he came over, but I thought he'd wait around for it to become available, not just LEAVE! D=

Chris certainly does. =3 No ugly clients for her, no sir!

Haha, I'm just shallow and download a bunch of hot sims. ;] Orenji HAS gone through a lot of traumatic experiences in the past update, hasn't he? XD You'll be able to tell he's been scarred for life in the next update when you see who his prospective spouse is.

You could just put those nipples on that burger and eat 'em up!

Huh, I've never had tangerine Fanta before. Sounds tasty! =p

I know, it's so cute! >w< When I saw it I actually screamed out, "AWWWWWWWWW!" ...Good thing I was home alone; I probably would've scared somebody. XD

I was so excited that Orenji rolled Knowledge so I could try those braces out!!!

Awww, thank you so much! <3 I was a little scared about doing a legacy at first, but comments like yours give me ~confidence~ to keep going! =D

Aw yeah, Orenji and that bus driver married would be the cutest thing ever (kinda sick given their history when Orenji was a child, but still cute)! Which reminds me, I once had a Call-Anyone-Hack, perhaps it could make such NPCs available for making contact to? Gah, I have to try that for I have one pretty taxi driver... *__* (and some ugly drivers which I'd like to sweep from sim earth's surface...)

Or the repairman was just being a dick. I once had a broken garbage thingie and as these things ALWAYS give my sims electrocution in my game I decided to take no risk and get a repairman - who showed up, walked around and LEFT taking the money and saying everything was ok >8O

N'aaaaaw, I can't wait for the next update and Orenji's potential spouse now!!! >__<

I expect to be spoiled and get a nipple picture every update now btw ;)

Aw bugger, you just HAVE to try tangerine fanta!! D8 It's soooo tasty!!! http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2776/4353652825_6dd3c3f3e2.jpg

You're doing a fantastic job, don't be worried!!

Ooh, I've never heard of a hack like that before! I'll have to check it out! (I also have some drivers that I just wanna bludgeon to death....one had an afro. AN AFRO.) Is this it?

Hmmm, I've heard from multiple people about the repairman doing that with the garbage disposals... maybe they're just glitchy. Thankfully, though, Kii has enough Mechanical points now to fix that fucking tub whenever it breaks like twice a day! Yay!

Good, because I have one of Orenji's. ;]

Damn. That actually looks pretty delicious. o_________O *licks lips*

Thank you~! <3

...yeah, by the look of it (or rather the name of the rar) I'd say this is it! Be careful about it though, it makes calling someone quite a pain in the ass, as you have to click through an ever growing number of sims (they're listed alphabetically) which is the reason I deleted this hack out of my game...I'm going to retrieve it for the driver business though ^^

Aw, so nice of you to think of me! :D ...WANT...TO...SEE...NOW!

If customs wouldn't be such dickheads sometimes (I predict they'd going to be) I'd go check if it's still sold around here and send you a bottle...

Yeah, I noticed that from the pictures on the download page...I'll probably delete it too after I see what I wanna do with Brittany. ;]

Alright, here it is: http://pics.livejournal.com/pohtaytohs/pic/000pyr77 (Spoiler alert: it's not Kii. XD)

Awheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! *dies a happy death*

You can just leave it up to your imagination as to what's underneath my crappy censoring. ;]

If your download folder is any like mine, then it's a pleasant sight ;)

Btw, this morning I pondered over the whole call-anyone-business and if it's even possible to interact with these characters. As they are not set to be interacted with by default I'm not too sure if they have a preset personality, money etc so it might make the game explode, backups are in dire need I think!

Phew, thanks for letting me know! =D I totally would've made the game explode if you hadn't warned me. I haven't downloaded it yet, so I'll either get backups or just skip getting it and let Brittany remain ~immortal~.

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I like that picture a lot, too! I totally squee'd when I saw it! >w< I almost made it the teaser, but I didn't wanna ruin the picture by putting text all over it.

I'm surprised that she keeps being so...responsible! Once in awhile she'll set a baby on the floor, but like two seconds later she'll pick it back up. It's MIND BLOWING. O_O

Just wait until you see what I've done to Smoothie Jambon! XD I reeeeeaaaaaalllllly hope he walks by soon so I can flaunt his makeover to you guys.

Kii: Everytime I see my wife it's like there's a party in my pants!

There's probably a good reason why he was so distracted from Orenji's birthday bash though! He must've just heard the word "party" and thought, "IN MY PANTS :D" and didn't hear the "his son's birthday" part. :P

Having clone children is super annoying, and like whysimswhy said, rolling the pacifier in CAS will help. The batbox from MATY has a randomization option for the sim generator, so you don't even have to go into CAS!

That's probably exactly what happened. Kii has "selective" hearing. He only listens to only the parts that he likes. If I told him to drive his car to work, he'd probably think, "Ooh, car sex? Finally?!" XD

Oooh, this thing looks nice! o.O Besides just the no-clones thing, I definitely hate those stupid-ass "mystery sim" memories. Thanks for the link; I'll check it out! =]

Fanta's my favorite even if they all look the same XD. That career reward looks fun.

I like Fanta a lot too. She's more badass than the rest of her siblings, even though they're complete clones. XD

Oh my god, it's sooooooooooooooo fun! It's such a lifesaver for when the kids' fun is in the red and they need to do homework!

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