Niji Legacy Archive

Yup, I'm tired of linking to all the past entries when I post to legacychallenge and I also like to procrastinate on writing updates, so I figured it'd be a good idea to do this early on before I have a zillion (hopefully) updates and things get out of hand.  Yay laziness!

Generation 1


Generation 2 

2.1  2.2  2.3  2.4  2.5  2.6  2.7  2.8  2.9

Generation 3

3.1  Spare Update #1  3.2  Spare Update #2  3.3  3.4  3.5


One Year of Nijis! Woo!

Wow, it's around my one-year anniversary of posting on LiveJournal!  ...This would be a lot more meaningful if I had another update to celebrate for it, wouldn't it?  Sorry I don't have one, but I AM working on 3.5, I promise!  Plus, at the end of it there will be an heir poll, so soon I'll get started on the third generation's time in college! 

Still, I'm sorry I've been so MIA lately.  School's been school, but I've just been so tired out lately that I haven't been very fast at getting those updates written.  A new grading period is beginning, so maybe I won't have to do as much work and can get my butt on Sims during the week!  In the meantime I'll try to get caught up on everything on my Friend's List!

But anyway, thanks to all of you guys so much for reading and commenting!  It really means a lot!  <3  Thanks for sticking with me through the terrible puns and frequent gaps in updates! 


I have 3.4 all written and mostly typed up in LJ Editor, except it's pulling that crap where it says it's too big again.  UGH.  I even started using Photobucket for picture hosting to see if that was the problem, but nope...  *sigh*  Guess I need to stop writing such long captions.  -_-